Sunday, January 08, 2006

So much to do, so little time

My list of things to do today looks like this (in no particular order...)
1.Clean the bathroom
2. Tidy the Kitchen
3. Washing (sigh - including my first ever hand knit cardigan -I am a bit worried about washing this. It is Stevie from Rowan's cotton tape book (not in yellow, but a combat green). A joy to knit, but mine came out too big as I over-estimated how big I am - so I am secretly hoping it shrinks but cause it's cotton I know it won't.)
4. Finish the painting in the lounge
5. Sell all the random stuff I have collected on ebay
6. Take pictures (with my new camera) off all the things I can find that I've knitted
7. Make marmalade
8. Finish the Train Track Slipover for S - needs to be posted tomorrow if it will arrive in tme for his birthday.
It is now noon.... and none of the things are ticked. Too much sleeping and messing with my blog, oops.

Yesterday I had a very good tidying day. The lounge and my room are now more tidy than they have ever been. I was cold yesterday so I decided to light a fire in my new fireplace, but it wasn't very successful. I have smokeless fuel and it takes ages to light and then burns like charcoal on a bbq so no big flames. All very disappointing. I need to find out if I live in a smokeless zone, and if not get some coal.

I made curry and watched "Vera Drake" I got from the Library. It's a Mike Leigh film so I knew it would be depressing... but it was about the best choice there. It was ok, but depressing. About a Woman (Vera Drake) in the 1950's who does back street abortions or "helping young girls in trouble" as she puts it. Her mate is taking money for them without her knowing and in the end one girl gets sick, and the police come and charge her and she gets put in prison and then it ends!

I wanted something to entertain me whilst knitting the train track slipover. Here is a progress picture. I have got as far as I can before I have to decide if this is the back or front.
I am having dilemas as it has taken about 7 hours to get this far, so there is no way if I do the other side the same it will be in the post tomorrow... but then I don't think there is much chance of that anyway. I was thinking I could make this the front and then do a plain stst back - but I think I would need to reduce the no of stitches as the cabling acts like ribbing. Or I could rib the back without the cables, but that wouldn't be much faster. So I think I am going to carry on and do the front and back both in the cable pattern and little S will just have to have a late present!


Sharon J said...

And did Stevie shrink? ~Sharon

RooKnits said...

Nope, I think Stevie is ok... am yet to wear it again tho.