Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in Review

2009 has been a good year.

I got married
Out of the Horse and carriage

I've been on holiday to the Lake District, Bruges and the Canadian Rockies
The Classic Shot - Lake Louise

I ran the race for life (and didn't walk at all)
Race for Life 18th June 2009

I walked 15 miles in the Brecon Beacons with my work colleagues to raise money for a local charity
At the Top!

I knit on the plinth in Trafalgar Square and helped raise money for MSF
Square and Nelson

I learnt to spin
My first Bobbin

I also went on lots of knitting adventures; Skip North, UK Ravelry Day, Cookie A's book signing at loop and the iKnit Weekender, and met lots of wonderful knitterly friends.

So what have I made in 2009?

26 items... one every couple of weeks, much more productive than I thought I had been.
6 shawls, 6 jumpers/cardigans for small people, 4 pairs of socks, 2 odd socks, 3 jumpers for me, 2 hats, 1 blanket, squares for another two blankets and one bridesmaid dress.

2009 Review

1. Wickery, 2. Hexagon Blanket for Joseph, 3. Beautiful Ishbel, 4. Oolong Socks, 5. Raspberry Ripple Socks, 6. Odessa, 7. George, 8. Kai-Mei, 9. Ishbel, 10. Shanghai Ishbel, 11. Little Person Shrug, 12. Lucille, 13. Looking for something, 14. Aurantium Blossom, 15. Aeolian Wedding Shawl, 16. Hopsox, 17. Athabasca River, 18. Snapdragon Hat, 19. Damson Shawl, 20. Green Vines, 21. Sunshine Socks, 22. Hoot, 23. Bookworm Sweater, 24. Barn raising - All the Squares, 25. FBS, 26. FLS Finished 001

My 2009 Resolutions… how did I do?

1. Loose more weight, I'm hoping to fit into a size 12 wedding dress by 11th July (yes, a date has been set). 3 stone down, 2 to go.
Haven't quite made it to "goal", but am certainly at a place I'm happy with for the time being and was very happy with how I looked in the said wedding dress.

2. Make the said wedding dress.
Nope, fell in love with a dress and my mum bought it for me, definitely the right decision.

3. Make a shawl for the wedding.
Yes, after much deliberation over patterns and yarn. My wedding Aeolian shawl in Zephyr wool/silk with shiny beads.

4. Make a dress for my little bridesmaid.
Yes, and a little shrug for her to wear. Fit like a dream. Another success.

5. Knit 12 pairs of socks - one a month - from stash yarn. I want to try a Yarnissima pattern, another Cookie A pattern, one fair isle (hopefully Harika when I get some contrast yarn) and one with twisted stitches. I also have to finish the Kilt Hose.
No, yes and no. And the Kilt Hose are still languishing. I just haven't felt the sock love.

6. Keep up with the Socktopus sock club patterns.
Only one pair finished, and I've accidentally felted these now so they don't fit. Grr. Must do better.

7. Make another garment for me. Dawn advised something top down with negative ease so it doesn't matter if I lose more weight. Any ideas? I am currently thinking of the Honeycomb vest from Knitty.
Yes! . FLS was finished, as was my Vine Yoke and by Heather Hoodie… all of which I wear in rotation.

8. Spend less time online and more time knitting/crocheting/sewing!
I've definitely been trying to do this over the last couple of months… the lack of blogging doesn't mean I'm not knitting!

What will 2010 bring I wonder?

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Hoot

An Owlet by Kate Davies (sans eyes at the moment)
In King Cole Anti Tickle Merino Aran. In a rich deep red. A very quick knit, I love the little owls. I love the soft woollyness of the yarn. However it definitely needed to be bigger to fit the intended recipient. However that's ok, because there are plenty of other small people with birthdays in the next few months that this will fit. I might have to do some maths to make a bigger size in the brown all seasons cotton I have.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Sunshine in December

My latest creation
Sunshine Socks

Sunshine by Cookie A in The Yarn Yard Clan for the Socktopus Secret Santa Swap (the parcel arrived today, so now I can share these with you).
The yarn gives wonderful stitch definition, the pattern is super stretchy and easy to memorise.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Green Vines

I have spent the last month beavering away on Ysolda's Vine Yoke Cardigan from the latest Twist Collective.
Green Vines
I'm so pleased with the final result, it fits perfectly (and co-ordinates with the garden!)
Green Vines
Here are the stats:
Started: 9th October
Finished: 7th November
Pattern: Vine Yoke by Ysolda from the Twist Collective. Size 36"
Yarn: Dream in Color Classy in Happy Forest - a destash by from Cardimoon on Ravelry back in June. It took just under 3 skeins
Needles: 5mm
Comments: A super fast and interesting knit. The short rows and the vine pattern made it interesting and all that garter stitch meant it could be knit in the evening watching films or listening to the radio.
It looked TINY when it was finished, however the yarn and all of that garter stitch makes for a very stretchy garment, so after a good block to open up the lace and stretch out the garter stitch it fits perfectly. One very big smiley face for this knit. Thanks Ysolda for such a wonderful pattern.

Now, what to knit next?

Sunday, November 01, 2009


Harry, our scary Hallowe'en pumpkin. His insides are currently making soup.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

House Progress

Natalie reminded me at iKnit day that I hadn't updated you on the project house in a while...
Well, since the start of the year we (mostly Tony) have gutted the place and filled 5 of these:
Skip 4
Ever wondered what a house looks like without internal walls, ceilings, plaster and wiring?
Upstairs bedrooms (without the dividing wall which moved when Tony tried to take the plaster off)
Bare Walls - September 2009
The other bedroom - the wall at the end is being extended.
Bare Walls - September 2009
Stairs (and my favourite window)
Bare Walls - September 2009
Lounge - you get the idea!
Bare Walls - September 2009

Tony has built new walls and put a new roof on the outhouse
The old
Outhouse Construction
Outhouse Construction
Ready for the bricklayer
Outhouse Construction
New walls and roof joists
Outhouse construction
Outhouse construction
From the top
Outhouse construction

So far all I have managed to clear the shrubs from the bay window!
Bay Window - clearing the vegetation

Bay Window - clearing the vegetation

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rockies part 2

Here are more of my holiday favourites:
Maligne Lake, near Jasper.
Maligne Lake
The weather was just amazing that day.
Maligne Lake
Minnewanka Lake, near Banff
Lake Minnewanka
My new hat and jumper near the Athabasca River
Sunwapta Falls
Mushrooms, we saw lots. I took a lot of pictures of mushrooms, this is my favourite.
And finally, this is Damson by Ysolda Teague. I wound my most favourite ball of Yarn Yard Toddy at about midnight on night before we flew to Canada.
Damson Shawl
I'm so glad I did - I love the way the subtle blues and purples work in this shawl.
I knit this through the hours of delays at the airport on the way home, I have never been so glad of long rows!
I used every last cm of yarn too - casting off as we landed back in the UK!
Damson Shawl
What's next? Well, another Ysolda design of course!
Vine Yoke Cardigan
I'm jumping on the bandwagon - it's a Vine Yoke Cardigan from The Twist Collective in Dream in Color Classy.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Rockies - part 1

I'm back from the most amazing holiday in the Canadian Rockies. I'm slowly sorting through the hundreds of photos. Here are some of the favourites so far.

Free Champagne (and amazing views from our room at Moraine Lake Lodge)
Free Champagne

The Classic Lake Louise Shot
The Classic Shot - Lake Louise

Reflections on Lake Agnes - the Larch trees were such an amazing shade of yellow.
Lake Agnes Reflections

One top of the Big Beehive
On top of the beehive

Walking on a glacier (my favourite part of the holiday- every geography students dream!)
On the Athabasca Glacier

There was also time for knitting! My socktopus sock pattern was mysteriously left at home, so I had to start knitting a hat on the plane. Snapdragon, from Ysolda's WLK2 with the Skein Queen yarn I bought at iKnit. The Rocky Mountain mornings were certainly cold enough to need a woolly hat - luckily it was a very quick knit!
Snapdragon Hat
Snapdragon Hat
Ravelled Here

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Autumn Hoodie

Finished just in time to take to Canada with me tomorrow.
The front:
Autumn Hoodie
And the back
Autumn Hoodie
Pattern: Heather Hoodie Vest by Debbie O'Neill from Knitscene Fall 2009 (Ravelry Link)
Yarn: Patons Inca - 50% Wool, 30% Acrylic, 20% Alpaca in colourway 7023 - Grey. Bought for 79p a ball from Kemps. 10.5 balls
Needles: My new knitpro interchangeables - 6mm
Started: 10th August
Finished: 18th September
Buttons: - Mussel shell (reverse side) from Textile Garden
Comments: It fits! The hood was a bit of a pain, I picked up less stitches than called for and knit quite a few less rows but it is still massive! However, I cast off a little too tight so even after blocking it sits a bit weird.. however it looks ok and I want to wear it on holiday so I'm not going to tinker with it any more. It is really warm and cosy. I'm happy :o)

Now I'm off to try and decide what holiday knitting to take. Decisions decisions.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

iKnit Weekender

Yesterday morning I got up earlier than I usually get up on a work day. I was booked on the 7.44 train to London in order for me to go and play at the iKnit Weekender in London.
I made a beeline for the p/hop stand to have my photo taken with the infamous barn raising quilt. I bought raffle tickets too - but didn't win. Looks like I'll have to make my own!
iKnit Weekender 2009
(Thanks to Jane for taking my photo!)
I was obviously too busy shopping, chatting and knitting to take any more photos. I wore my wedding shawl and it was admired by many people. I had fun spotting other Aeolian shawls - 4 or 5 at least!
Here is my little haul:
iKnit Weekender 2009
I surprised everyone by choosing the orange Herdy mug rather than the purple. I did try really hard not to buy any more purple yarn, but couldn't resist the buttery soft "Desire" from Skein Queen - it is destined for a hat - I'm thinking a beret with twisted stitches. The Laceweight turquoise yarn is from new indie dyer Sparkleduck - the yarn is a merino and silk mix and has a real sheen to it. Maybe Laminaria - certainly an appropriate colour. Finally some Malabrigo Lace - as I can never resist this yarn (and all of the crazy rainbow colours had sold). Oh, lastly a vest pattern from Blacker Designs. They had some gorgeous UK spun yarn from a wide variety of sheep - the alpaca yarn was fabulous.
Talking of Alpaca, I spent most of the day knitting on my Autumn Hoodie.
The second front is done. I joined the shoulder seams and blocked it this morning.
Autumn Hoodie
I found some mussel shell buttons from Textile Garden yesterday. The lady there let me pick through them until I found 5 matching ones - the side I'm going to use is the wrong side, but it matches my yarn really well.
Autumn Hoodie
Just a hood and button bands to go now. Will I be able to finish it in time for our honeymoon in Canada? We leave next Sunday!
Autumn Hoodie

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Something old, something new and something secret too!

Something old:
Hexagon Blanket - Sept 09
My Noro hexagon blanket, started back in March 2006. I've crocheted a few more hexagons over the last couple of weeks (not joined, at the bottom of the picture). I've got about 3 or 4 skeins of Noro left- but need some to edge the blanket in. Going to aim for 8 more hexagons and then some half hexes and see how it looks. It is already big enough to keep my knees/legs warm whilst watching TV :o)

Something new:
Autumn Hoodie
I fear you may see a lot of these in blogland - Heather Hoodie Vest from Knitscene. This is knit in Patons Inca - a chunky yarn with Alpaca - this is the back and I'm about 1/2 way up the left front. I was hoping it might be finished for our upcoming trip to Canada - but I've been distracted by this....

Look away now if you don't want to see the September Socktopus parcel...


Alice has really outdone herself this time!
September Socktopus Sock Club
A Yarnissima pattern and Wollmeise yarn! Neither of which I have used before. I was soooooooo unbelieveably excited when I opened the parcel.
AND we got that fabulous sock bag (just like the ones Roobeedoo made the other week which I was very jealous of) AND some little Matryoshka doll stitch markers!
Here is my progress so far - Judy's magic cast on and everything!!!
September Socktopus Sock Club
I think my sock mojo is back. Yipeee.