Monday, January 30, 2006

Parcels and Presents and possibly a Clapotis

I came home to lots of post today. Most of it was bills but there were two exciting things there.
One was the new copy of Simply Knitting which had some (more) stitch markers on the front.
The other things was my first Secret Pal parcel. It arrived over the weekend whilst I was away. Luckily the postie managed to hide it by my front door so I got to open it this evening. I kept the suspense by flicking through simply knitting first and saw a pattern for some aran weight socks. They seemed like a perfect project as it would be the instant satisfaction I'm just not getting with the Opal yarn..... (I've turned the heel on the first one btw - photos tomorrow maybe).
Little did I know that my SP parcel would contain everything I need to keep my sock knitting on course.... two balls of sirdar Town and Country in brown/beige/cream and two very special hanks of self-dyed "anti-tickle" superwash wool and finally some 4.5mm double pointed needles. How cool is that? Thank you very very much secret pal. Guess what, it is also exactly what I need for the pattern in Simply Knitting. Wow!

I have decided that I am completely undecided about the jumpers. I think the Donna one, but am having trouble deciding on wool.... So the other day I decided to bite the bullet and order some Hipknits silk from Kerrie to make a Clapotis. Kerrie emailed me and it turns out she works just around the corner, so I met her at lunch to collect it. Here is a picture of it's yummyness. It'a pink and blue and purple with a little bit of brown and it is the softest thing. I also bought a yarn winder off ebay for £3 so I have spent some of this evening getting in a tangly mess with that and the hip-knits silk. Oh dear. I have also had to move all of my belongings back into my bedroom so the floor men can finally lay my super Karndean floor on Thursday and Friday. I am surprised I can get to the computer there is so much stuff in here!


Anonymous said...

Today I prefer the Dona jumper. I think it looks really good and you'll get more wears out of it for your work. K

Anonymous said...

Ruth I am so glad you like the yarn I send you. I hope to see some sockies. The Anti tickel will give you some great warm ankle socks for those nites cuddling up by the fire
Your SP7

Tootiepie said...

Hello Roo. I feel as though I have entered a strange parallel universe having just read your blog. My nickname is also Roo, as many ruth's are.... work near london bridge... travel the northern line or frequent E&C when I have to get the dreaded bus to Brixton... and i knit, although be it badly but I'm getting better. Tis a very strange world.