Monday, January 02, 2006

A New Year's resolution

I think the time has come to share my knitting hobby with the world.
I have been reading a selection of knitting blogs for a while, and really enjoy seeing what people are making and I have been inspired by their creations. So here is mine.

I did lots of knitting for Christmas presents and I hope to post some pictures of previous projects over the coming weeks.

Here is Denzel sitting on the table at our NY party, he is one of the Christmas Gnomes from Simply Knitting's Christmas supplement. I love him. Maybe next year he will get some friends.

The last thing to come off the needles is the world famous Booga Bag. Make in Noro Kureyon shade 170. It took 2 balls for the bag and then about 1/2 a ball for the i-cord. The i-cord was finished today and hopefully it should be felted tomorrow. I did some test felting before Christmas and made two small bags from Noro Silk Garden for Christmas presents. This is the biggest thing so far....


acechick said...

damn, that little fella is cute!

HazelNutcluster said...

Ooh, he looks just like the one in the supplement picture, which is always a plus :) What a sweetie! I am totally addicted to Simply Knitting.

I have a bit of Kureyon but haven't tried Booga Bag yet. Think I'm gonna have to soon!

I've submitted my blog to the UK knitters webring so I'm going to have to take some real life pics myself. Happy Knitting!