Monday, January 16, 2006

I think I have it sussed....

The yarn holding thing that is. I went to see my mum, who gave me a quick lesson. We soon realised it was the needle I was holding wrong. I am now resting it in the space between my thumb and first finger, rather than holding it like a pencil. I am still getting into an awful tangle with the yarn wrapped around my fingers. I need lots of practice, and the Train Track pullover is not the thing to practice on. The front is finished now (yeah!) I need to start to sew it up and do the neck and arm hole edging. Hopefully I should be able to finish it tomorrow.

I have also finished the ribbing and the first knit row of the baby hat from last month's simply knitting. I managed the knit row using my new technique and it was certainly quicker.

Here is the camera case I have made. It is miles too big, as expected, but I simply wouldn't've been able to knit in a round any smaller on my circular needles. I'm going to put it through another hot wash, and then line it and stuff in between the lining. I reckon this will protect my lovely camera too.

Oh, and look what I got in the post today... from my Secret Pal. How organised is that? Thank you very much SP. It's fab and will take pride of place on the notice board in my kitchen.
K... it reminds me a bit of you, but then your life is wild and dangerous and tinged with anarchy... so maybe this is what you looked like in a previous life (with more marmalade hair!)
I am a bad person and looked at the postmark (of course it could all be a trick).. but I am not going to do any more investigating yet. I want it to be a secret for a good while longer yet.

What other news? L has a new flat. She has traded SW19 for SW18. I have to pick up the keys and go round there this week as she is far away with work at the moment. Don't worry I won't have a party and trash the place :0)
We did manage a chat on googletalk today, I don't usually speak to her whilst she is away with work, so it was good to be able to have a catch up, and completely free! Bargain.
S seems to have had a good birthday in far away Thailand. It seems her internet connection is not the best... but she knows we were thinking of her. So all seems well in the world.

Right I have about 3 million ebay parcels to package up, so I had better go.


Anonymous said...

Naughty Naughty..looking at my Postmark!!!
Your SP

K said...

Also I do have a penchant for posing by lakes. K