Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Friends, Secret Pal 7 and the Booga Bag

I am feeling loved and wanted today; or at least I am by strangers! I have been accepted into the UK Knitters Webring (thanks v. much) and also into Secret Pal 7. Horay! Soon I will have an anonymous friend sending me cool knitting packages. Yipee.

Talking of friends one has arrived safely in Bangkok on her 6 month adventure - excited for her, sad that she is not here to play with. Another leaves on Friday to work at Olympics in Turin for 3 months. I'm seeing her for the last time tomorrow for yummy pizza.
With them away I guess it gives me time to consolidate other friendships, spend some quality time in my flat (making cool things) and get myself down the swimming pool (which I didn't manage tonight - bad girl). Trying to be positive but I miss them already!

On a knitting note the Booga Bag has been felted - on 60 degree wash with a pair of jeans and a little wool detergent. Looks good, it is currently drying on a cereal box in the kitchen.

I'm spent what was left of this evening working on the Train Track Slipover from Louisa Harding's Rowan book "Miss Bea's Rainy Day". It is for a special little man who is 1 on 10th Jan. I think it might be a bit late as the cabling is taking forever. I'm glad there are no arms! I was contemplating just knitting the back without the cables but I don't think it will look right.
Here is a picture from the Lauging Hen's site Mine is knitted in Rowan Handknit Cotton in shade 239 a bit more blue than the colour in the picture.

Off to finish my digital camera research so I can finally make a purchase and then inundate the blog with pictures of my knits.

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