Thursday, January 12, 2006

Friends in far places...

Or they could be near places for all I know! Secret Pal is here. I have been paired. I have sent my email to the person I am spoiling.... and I also have a super efficient and very special secret pal of my own, because I have already had an email and also an e-card - just to make sure I've had a good day. How lovely.

It's S's birthday tomorrow, or I guess today as she is Thailand. I hope she's ok and not feeling too homesick. I've sent her an ecard- so I hope she gets it. S if you are reading this I am missing you lots already and you've only been gone 2 weeks! Hope you have a fab birthday.

Tonight I've been drinking champagne on Thomson Financial on a work type do at the top of the Gherkin (also known as 30 St Mary Axe). There are such amazing views from up there, like the London Eye but a thousand times better, as it's not moving and you can look out for ages. I didn't even have to do that much schmoozing, so a good night was had. I'm home at a sensible hour as well.... just enough time for a quick post and to find some clothes to take to Wolverhampton for the weekend with TT.

On the knitting front I have managed to make my camera case on my journeys to/from work... it's currently felting in the washing machine as I type... I hope it works as it is a completely made up pattern. Photos on Monday if it does. Maybe I'll finish the train track slipover this weekend on the train too.... Have a fab weekend everyone.

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