Saturday, January 07, 2006

Digital Cameras and my first Finished Item of 2006

My digital camera arrived yesterday. It is a Christmas Present from T to replace my most favourite stripey Ikea rug in the world which he bought me for Christmas. It was a very hard decision to return it as I have wanted it for years, however I had to give into my new Blue/Brown sophistication and convince myself that as much as I want it to, it just won't go with the colour scheme in my newly painted lounge. I have been taking pictures none stop since last night when I went to visit N and her little girl C who is 20 months.

The first picture I have to show is of the finshedBooga Bag. I finally managed to attach the handles this morning whilst waiting for the flooring people who were meant to be coming at 8.30am to measure up - they are stuck in snow in Kent apparently and still haven't arrived.
Here it is hanging on the kitchen cupboards. It was the only bit of space I could find. I think today needs to be one of a concentrated tidy up.
I am fairly happy with it, although I really wish the second line of yellow wasn't in there, or that it was a bit bigger. That was the start of the second ball and I just joined it without thinking but hey.... it's still very very stripey, which I love.

I went round to see my friend N last night. I managed to take some pictures of her little girl wearing the jumper I made her for Christmas. It was the Cookie Sweater from Louisa Harding's Rowan "Rainy Days" book. I am hoping to work out how to put a gallery of my FO's on the left hand side so I can keep track of all the things I make.

Talking of things I have made. Here is the first Christmas Gnome I made. He was also for N's little girl. N is Welsh and I decided to give him a good Welsh name... after much deliberation I decided on Tomos.
The note around his neck says something like - I am Tomos a Chrismas Gnome. I like to eat Mince Pies and Carrots. Please look after me.
However C had different ideas! When she opened him she instantly said "Sion Corn" which is Welsh for Father Christmas (I think I have the spelling right) - it is said like Shaun Con - so it sounds like she is saying it is either Sean Conn(ery) or Sheer Khan. Very very funny. Apparently everything to do with Christmas is "Sion Corn" even snow, snowmen, lights etc etc. N is in deliberations over what happens to the 3 Sion Corn's that C has now Christmas is officially over. It's a tricky one.

Right time for some tidying before I am allowed to play with the camera and take some pictures of the Train Track slipover (currently upto the arm-hole shaping on the back - it's taking forever!)

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Emily said...

Hi there and welcome to Blogland! I made one of those gnomes over the Christmas Hols, great aren't they! Your Booga Bag looks fab too, I made one of them myself a long time ago and I still use it. Felted wool is so sturdy!