Monday, December 31, 2007

Start as you mean to go on...

Last year I knit or crocheted: 1 pair of mittens, 1 skirt, 1 lace stole, 1 hat, 1 pair of booties, 1 tie, 1 tank top, 1 bag, 1 blanket, 2 pairs of handwarmers, 3 toys, 3 scarves, 5 items of children's clothing and 13 pairs of socks.

Out of these 35 items only 8 were for me....

On the needles at the moment are 4 pairs of socks (only 1 for me),
gentleman's evening 001 Kilt Hose 002 retro 001 pomatamus
1 blanketP1020115,
1 present for my mom,flower wrap 001
1 jumper for Carys.Hugs and Kisses 002

So I have decided that 2008 will be a year of more knitting for me, and less gift knitting.
I also want it to be a year of making bigger garments and more lace knitting
Here is the vague plan...
For me:
A tank top - based on Ms Marigold for me using Rowan Calmer.
A aran type jumper/cardigan jacket using the aran wool I bought in Ireland nearly 2 years ago
Start on Fyne tank top that I have swatched for:
Fyne Swatch 002
Another lace project.
For Others: Finish the WIPs above and start a baby blanket for the new arrival due in about a week, a baby brother or sister for Toby.
I wonder if I will manage to stick to these?

Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Year In Review

Wow, another year nearly over and my second Blogiversary on the horizon. I have some good crafting resolutions to share with you in the new year, most of them revolve around making things for me!
The last 18 months has been full of 30th Birthday celebrations for me and my friends and I have made something for just about all of them.
TOP ROW: Some that took a very long time - like James' tie and some which were far more enjoyable and successful; Lauren's Ms Marigold and Kerry's obscenely short crocheted skirt. I even managed to make a birthday shawl for me. My birthday was also an enabler, I now have a sewing machine and I can make bags! Horay.
SECOND ROW: I have had some amazing swaps this year, my Sockapalooza socks from Roobeedoo are just fantastic, in fact I am wearing them now. Secret pals, Hogwarts Sock Kit Swaps and Sockret pal have all bought some fabulous parcels and new friends like Wendy and Adele.
THIRD ROW: I've also had a fairly productive year on the knitting front. My favourites are my stripy Jaywalkers - which fit perfectly and I love. My Mystery Shawl, a real challenge to knit, but I adore the results. It makes me want to knit more lace. Owen's baby blanket, my favourite of the three blankets I've made so far. He loves it too and uses it all the time, which makes it even more special and surprisingly the booties I made for a friend far away and her new little girl, these were so easy but look great.

FOURTH ROW: Tony and I had an amazing trip to Canada: Toronto and Niagara.... such a wonderful 30th birthday present from my man. Thank you! I've designed a couple of things this year... well maybe design is not exactly right, I've managed to make a pair of Sockapalooza socks from my own pattern, as well as cricket jumpers for my two favourite little men. The garden has reaped a few rewards too .... all that is left to show for it now is one fairly spongy carrot and about 10 jars of green tomato chutney (Wendy - I promised to send you one ages ago, I will put it in the post in the new year! If any one else fancies some, let me know!) And yes, you guessed it, I still haven't done anything with my practice patchwork!
FIFTH ROW: Presents! Sidney - Toby's Christmas present. A wonderful pattern from ysolda. Hattie's Birthday jacket - which was started last Christmas! Matching Christmas socks for Non and Carys. Magic cashmere mittens for Lolly. Finally, the Kureyon Hexagon blanket- will it ever be finished?
Happy New Year Everyone. Wishing you a healthy and happy 2008!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy 2008.
bruce 002
The presents are wrapped. All the prep work I can do for lunch tomorrow has been done.
I'm off to do a few more rows on my Mom's present - sadly not finished in time to unwrap tomorrow :0( There has been a distinct lack on knitting in these parts recently... largely due to the large amount of parties there have been to attend!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Meet Sidney...

Here is Sidney. He is a friendly green elephant
Pattern: Elijah by Ysolda, knitted in the round with no seaming.
Needles: 2.75mm Brittany Birch (until one broke, so one arm and the ears and done with 3mm needles)
Started: 17th November
Finished: 29th November
Yarn: James C Brett Kool Kotton. 50% cotton, 50% Acrylic.
He is a super elephant. Fun to knit, excellent construction. The yarn is soft, but will also stand up to being put through the machine, which I think makes sense for toys.... it is also only about £1.50 a ball and he used up about 2m less than a ball.. Bargain. I think he will have many adventures and I am very tempted to make more for Christmas presents.
Sidney likes to pose for the camera with his other elephant friends
Sidney and Friends
He poses on his own too.. and sits there very still whilst you snap away.
He is nosey too... as you would expect from an elephant. He dived right in when I received my final Secret Pall 11 parcel earlier this week. Look at all of those wonderful things from Bette - the Knittin' Diva.

sp11 001
Wrapped it fab Christmas tissue paper we have, Artful yarns Shakespeare 100% wool in perfect colours for me, a pedicure set, snowman tissues, a tree ornament, some lovely fabric fat quarters, reindeer post-its, bath salts, a roses calendar and some gorgeous wool that Bette dyed. Thank you so much for your wonderful, thoughtful presents. You have been a great pal.