Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The great jumper decision

I managed to find the jumper I was talking about in the last post. Now I am having a major dilemma.

Do I make Donna (left) which is obviously made to fit the shape I am.

Or do I go with the trend and make Tubey?(right)

If I made Tubey, I would make it plain, maybe with the stripes in the arms. If I make Donna I have to find a replacement yarn as I can't seem to find anywhere that sells Lana Grossa “Point” which the pattern calls for. I think today I am heading towards Donna. Yesterday I was all for Tubey, after seeing how cool it looks over at the Wool Palace. Decisions Decisions. I need to decide soon too as I want to have everything ready to take to Ireland a week on Saturday.
Talking of Ireland, I'm going to Killarney, does anyone know of any wool shops around there or in Cork? I thought it would be good to get my SP some local wool from my trip.


Alice said...

I've heard bad things about tuby for curvy women. And the main person to complain about it was skinner than the women who made it. Dunno if waist shaping would be possible though...

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