Monday, January 23, 2006

Le Weekend Part 1

Look what arrived in the post on Saturday morning....

Some stitch markers and some sock yarn from Curious Yarns. Aren't they lovely? I decided to treat myself whilst treating my Secret Pal. Her package was shipped off to far away places almost as soon as it arrived at my door.

My trip into Croydon on Saturday resulted in me finding zero good 30th Birthday cards, so I got some blank ones from a little art shop and made my own. What do you think? I was quite pleased with it as a first attempt.

I managed to re-felt the camera case too. I put it on a 90 degree wash and hoped for the best. It is now the perfect size and perfectly felted. I've sewn on the toggle and it is ready to go.

I also decided to felt the Booga bag again, because after a week of use it was looking a bit mis-shapen. It worked a treat and it is far more sturdy now.


Alice said...

yay for knitted cards (i did some for xmas)

petulant said...

the trouble with this secret pal stuff... it's impossible not to buy stuff for yourself at the same time :)