Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Allotment

I've got a new project... After 4 years on a waiting list I am now renting a half plot at my local allotments.
This is what it looked like when we got the keys in early April:
Allotment - the beginning
It is an end plot, up against a fence which backs onto the playing fields of a local junior school. There is also a big patch of brambles in front of it which are going to take some controlling!
It took us a while to make a plan. I bought some slabs from ebay and we have made a path around two sides. Eventually we will have a path on 3 sides and two across the plot making three areas to plant out.
The initial plan was to rotivate it, however it turns out that not jumping in all guns blazing was a good thing, the plot is full of bindweed and horsetail. So we've been digging it out slowly.
The allotment
It is amazing what a few hours digging can achieve!
I'm going to be sharing the plot with my FIL as I don't think I'll manage it on my own at the moment with Thomas. He has already been creating incredible structures.
John, Tom and the Beanpoles
All I need is to get the potatoes planted, the beans in and the courgettes out of the greenhouse!

Monday, May 09, 2011

10 Months

Thomas was 10 months on Saturday.

Thomas - 10 months

He now has two teeth and is starting to shuffle around the room.

Thomas - 10 months

And he can clap

Thomas - 10 months

Ickle hat and socks

I'm so far behind with my blogging.... here are some tiny knits for my friends new baby, born at the end of March.

Ben Present

Knit from some random Regia yarn from the 50p bin in House of Fraser.