Thursday, April 27, 2006

Panic Over

Here is how the hoodie looks today now it is dry. Just a little bit longer, which I actually quite like. The arms are still a little long.But look how massive the hood is. Not really sure what to do about this. Might give it a whirl in the tumble dryer on Saturday at TT's house before I sew the zip in.

Whilst that has been blocking I have been making birthday cards. How come I find crochet a lot more adaptable than knitting? Some made up flowers for you. Thinking about it I could have made these brooches as well. Maybe next time. I hate the price of cards in the shops so I am really happy I can now make them. All need to think of are more ideas. Not everyone can have flowers or numbers. Right, off to get annoyed with iTunes again before heading to bed. It is too late to be blogging.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Blocking disaster?

I'm not sure at the moment. I finished the hoodie last night. The edges were curlng so much I decided to wet block it. I've never done this before.... I consulted SnB. Washed it, rinsed it. Wrung it out in a towel as it said. Laid it out on another towel. Made sure it was the right shape but it seems a hundred times bigger than it should be. I measured it, it is a little bigger but not loads. It just looks massive on the floor. I tried it on, it is still damp, and it ended up aound my knees! I think it just stretched because it it is still wet. So I put it back carefully and tried to make it smaller again. Who knows if that will work! If not there is always the tumble drier at Tony's house this weekend. It fit so well before I put it in the sink. Grrrrr.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What I did at Easter

It feels like the first day back at school when you have to write about what you did in the holidays! Well Tony Tiger and I went to Brighton for the day on Sunday (along with the rest of London). Here is a photo to prove it! I even took the Clapotis. Made even better by the fact I could have a chocolate ice cream. Hmmm chocolate after 40 days without. Yum.

We have also been busy wth the DIY and fence painting, but who wants to see a picture of a newly painted fence? Much more interesting is my new hoodie. Sorry for the very dirty tee-shirt and large expanse of flesh. The left arm is nearly done (I have changed to the contrast colour at the cuff. I also omitted the tree as per the pattern but added a contrast colour border at the bottom. I think I might add some crochet edging to the hood and down the front in the cc too. It does really fit, all that stocking stitch just keeps curling. I love the fact I have been able to try this on as I go to make sure it does really fit. One arm and a zip to go.

I have also purchased 200 crochet blocks and have managed one from the book so far. I have decided that a selection of these are going to make up the baby blanket for C. Here is Briar Rose in all its unblocked splendour.

And here is the vary garish plan for it.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Happy Easter!

Sometimes only a quick new project will do.
After reading about Amigurumi in the latest Crochet Me I couldn't wait to try one. I thought a rabbit was particularly appropriate for the time of year; and of course I love Miffy. I found this pattern that I followed loosely. The original link I found was on Roxycraft but it only works with Google's cache of the page now! There are some very cool Amigurumi on the Roxycraft site. Think the elephant has to be my favourite! So much faster than knitting a similar project. A good evenings work I feel.

One down....

And one to go. Here is the first Falling Leaves sock in Curious Yarns sock wool (Fairground).
I think the stripes kind of take away from the leaf pattern, but never mind. Also I cast off too tight too so I need to see if I can rectify that now.
Kerry and I went to the South London Knitters meeting at the Bread and Roses last night. Was quite good, think we may venture there again.
The hoodie is coming on; however I have got to the boring middle section now which is just rows and rows of stocking stitch. Yawn. Good TV knitting however.
OOOh and I had an exciting parcel from America on Tuesday. It contained the Hedgehog pattern. Yipee. I am very tempted to try and make one this instant. Karen at TwoSwansYarns is seriously the best person I have ever bought something off over the Internet. Go and buy something yummy from her. The parcel also contained 4 skeins of something delightful. But it is a secret so you'll have to wait a little while to find out what.
I'm having more thoughts about the baby blanket again. Back onto crochet. This time granny squares. Hmmm.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Great Manchester Run and Aplastic Anaemia

On Sunday 21st May 2006, my other half shall be running an unimaginable 10 kilometres in the BUPA Great Manchester Run. Why is he putting his knees through such an ordeal I hear you ask. Well for very good reason. Please read on…

He shall be running to raise money for a little known charity called ‘The Aplastic Anaemia Trust’. Aplastic Anaemia is a life threatening form of bone marrow failure. This means that blood cells, which are essential for life, are no longer produced. Although it is a relatively unheard of disease, it is as common as some types of leukaemia, and just as devastating.

The work of the AAT has made a profound difference to many lives. Great advances have been made in the care and management of Aplastic Anaemia in a purpose built, state-of-the-art ward financed by the AAT. Thirty years ago, no more than 1 in 10 patients survived for a year. Today, 7 out of 10 will be restored to a good quality of life. You can find out more about the work of the AAT at

This charity is particularly important to him, as his mom was diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia and underwent intensive treatment, (similar to chemotherapy), lasting several months. Twelve months later, the disease is still in remission and his mom can lead a normal life.

Please help to raise the success rate to greater than 70% by sponsoring him. He has set up a website where you can make a direct donation,, although you should bear in mind that the company which operates it, takes 5% of your donation in fees. If you wish to donate without incurring any fees please feel free to email him directly.

If you are unable to make a monetary contribution, I would urge you to make a more personal one. The treatment of Aplastic Anaemia involves many, many blood transfusions, and would therefore be impossible without blood donors. If you don’t already donate, or haven’t for some time, look up your local donation centre at A typical donation only takes around 15 minutes and you can book an appointment online. Do it now before you forget!

Thank you to everyone who has already sponsored him, he has have raised over £200 to date.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

More secret pal...

A photoless post from my office at lunchtime I'm afraid.
My spoilee got her package yesterday. I can now reveal she is Maggie and resides here
I'm looking forward to her post about my last parcel and I have really enjoyed seeing her photo and illustration Friday posts. She is far more of an artist than I ever hope to be. How are the socks going Maggie btw?
In the spirit of having no parcels to look forward to I have ordered the Huggable Hedgehog pattern from Two Swan Yarns. Karen has been the most helpful person I have ever purchased anything off. I had a few problems with cookies and the shopping cart but she was really friendly and extremely helpful. I have also purchased a little something else. But I think it is going to be turned into secret presents so all will be revealed in due course.
I have also ordered some "anti-tickle" merino wool from Texere to use in another dying experiment. Hopefully I will be able to make some more socks with it. I am thinking cables this time.
I have also signed up for two new secret pal experiences. The OneSkein Secret Pal and Secret Pal 8 (which starts just before my birthday!) Looking forward to them both. I think the OneSkein Secret Pal is going to be a bit of a challenge just to choose one skein of yarn... and to make something cool from one skein that you know your pal will enjoy!

Monday, April 03, 2006

The End of Secret Pal 7

Here are the goodies from my last secret pal parcel sent to me my my spoiler who has been revealed as Silvia. The strange thing is I think I have visited her blog on a few occasions over the last few months without realising she is my pal! Spooky.
In the parcel we have: a card, a sheep, two skeins of sari silk with two candles, a sheep magnet, a chocolate-orange candle (which smells divine), a yellow "Happy Easter" bird and lastly a gardening kit made up of a notebook, some soap and some gloves.

Here is a close up of the sari silk... and Silvia the smell has nearly gone! What to make with this? Who knows yet!

I am hoping we manage to keep in touch, I will certainly be adding her blog to my blogroll and to bloglines. I think it is a little strange to have lots of emails and conversations with someone when you have no idea who they are... Iguess that is why I haven't been bombarding her with emails! Hope you weren't too disappointed. I think I will be signing up for the next one, as I have really enjoyed choosing presents to send and also receiving so many lovely goodies. Thanks again Silvia.
I thought I would give you a little update on the sock, here it is "beautifully" displayed on my foot. Not sure the yarn shows off the pattern to the best effect. What do you think, should I frog and turn into a Jaywalker instead? So many decisions.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

New Projects

The toe of a Falling Leaves sock in Curious Yarns fairground.
Nearly a hood of the Apocalypse Hoodie in Rowan Polar Combat The Polar is something I've had in my stash since the John Lewis sale last summer. Pleased I have found a use for it now! Not sure if I am going to do the tree, but I'm definately doing the "Bench" type sleeves. Such an ingenious pattern, hopefully I can make it to fit perfectly.

The socks haven't started the best, not sure if the decreasing on the second part of the toe is right, but couldn't bear to frog it. Think it will be ok, might just need to add a few stitches in. We'll see what happens. I'm no perfectionist as you can tell.

Had a lovely weekend with friends in Fareham on the south coast playing at "The Good Life" on James' allotment. Was good fun. Can't wait until tomorrow as hopefully my last secret pal parcel should arrive at work (as it didn't make it there before I left on Friday.) Very excited, apparently it is smelly! The plot thickens.