Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm sorry if the wedding stuff is getting boring...

....but I don't have much else to blog about!
Last Saturday and Sunday was the open day and steaming at the Bratch Pumping Station where we are having the wedding reception.
Sunday was glorious. I can only hope we get sky this colour in 6 weeks time
The Bratch - Summer Open Day
There was a plethora of various steam driven vehicles and classic cars...
The Bratch - Summer Open Day
We made an afternoon of it and did a 7 mile circuit along the canal to get from our house
The Bratch - Summer Open Day
I think we need to wander up here on the wedding day to have some photos taken
The Bratch - Summer Open Day
You can sneak a look at the building through the trees.
The Bratch - Summer Open Day
On Monday there was time for crafting.
The bodice top of Carys' bridesmaid dress is done.
Bridesmaid's Dress Bodice
Half of the skirt is sewn too.... this weekend it is the turn of the netting. Eek.
Aeolian Wedding Shawl
This morning I got up early enough to take a picture of the progress on my Aeolian wedding shawl. 32 rows to go... I think I'm on track!
It is our 15 mile walk tomorrow and it looks like it is going to be the hottest day of the year so far. So much for me being convinced it was going to rain. Wish me luck!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fame at last!

St Basils Walk - Birmingham Mail Article

It is a week until our St Basil's walk in the Brecon Beacons. We now have a map of our route, which takes us up Pen Y Fan. This will a challenge for all of us!
We've been out practising - I even managed to walk 7.5 miles from Birmingham to Dudley along the canals after work on Tuesday!
I am going to try and get out for another walk again over the weekend, in amongst the wedding shawl knitting and the bridesmaid dress sewing.
Thank you too all the readers who have already sponsored me, if you would like to contribute then you can do so here

Monday, May 18, 2009

Anyone for Cake?

Birthday Cakes
It's my birthday today, and even though I am at work I am still determined to celebrate - with cake and maybe even drinks at lunchtime!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shades of Violet

Here is the progress on my Hopsox - isn't the pattern and yarn just fabulous? I am in love.
The pattern has been written by Joy for P/hop. I am testing it for her at the moment in some deeeeeeeelicious Yarn Yard Toddy - colour Dairy Milk.
A close up of the transition from cuff to main pattern...
As well as knitting there has been some spinning too! Here is 100g of BFL in Shades of Violet from Wildcraft Fibre.
Wildcraft- Shades of Violet
I'm hoping to be able to wind it onto my new (home made by Tony) Niddy Noddy soon.
Niddy Noddy
Apparently it needs varnish and sanding before I can use it! Huh!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sock Innovation and Inspiration

Cookie A patterns have featured heavily in my train knitting over the past couple of weeks. After meeting Cookie and seeing all of these wonderful socks in the flesh in Loop at the start of April, I could not resist casting on multiple projects.
First up we have Kai-Mei:
This is finished, a single sock for Natalie at The Yarn Yard, for her stall display at Woolfest
Started: 22nd April
Finished: 30th April
Pattern: Kai-Mei by Cookie A from Sock Innovation
Yarn: Yarn Yard Bonny in the solid from the Provence sock club colourway.
Needles: 2.5mm
Comments: A very quick knit. I liked the interesting gusset decreases - and the little bee pattern was really easily memorised after the Honeybee Socks.
I will definitely be making a pair of these for me.

Next up is Kristi - why I decided to start with a pattern that I didn't even understand the chart for I will never know - I must have wanted a challenge!
After colour coding the chart, and looking at the errata, and nearly frogging several times I have finally got into a rhythm with these. Possibly the most complicated thing I have made so far....
Still slow going, as I have to refer to the chart on each row, but I can just about knit these on the train now!

If that wasn't enough, I have offered to test knit a pattern for Joy - she designed this sock at the Socktopus Cookie A workshop and has written up a pattern. It is called Hopsox and is going to be offered as a p/hop pattern when complete. It is looking good so far in my lovely Dairy Milk coloured Toddy, photos next time :o)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Aeolian Update

The countdown has started. 67 days until I am going to wear this, 56 rows (plus the never ending cast off) to go. So, one row at night (at least) should see me get there :o)

Here are pictures taken after the transition chart from the first stitch pattern (Yucca) to the second (Agave). I can only spread half of it out now!
Aeolian Wedding Shawl
My first ever nupps!
Aeolian Wedding Shawl

Beads shining in the sunshine
Aeolian Wedding Shawl

Friday, May 01, 2009

Train Knitting

The Aeolian Wedding Shawl is not really suitable for train knitting; the rows are too long now, it is too complicated, too white and needs beads. The Kristi socks I started from my Cookie A book also required too much concentration in the beginning, so I had to find something else to knit. I flicked through Sock Innovation and kept coming back to Kai Mei - perfect train/car knitting - lots of 3x3 rib. The little lace motifs are the same as the ones on my Honeybee socks too, so required virtually no memorising.
This sock was cast off yesterday on the train to Manchester - it is going to be an odd sock - a sample for Natalie at The Yarn Yard for her stall at Woolfest. Finished photos and project details over the weekend.
So what to knit next? A rather large Posh Pink Parcel arrived at my house last week - for once I was in front of the computer at 7pm on a Sunday evening and I bought quite a lot of yummy yarn. Ooops. The Posh Laura in the colourway "Puck" is magically turning itself into an Ishbel whilst I am not looking.
Ishbel no 2
My spending spree hasn't ended there... I succumbed to the Yarn Yard update last week too... how could I refuse all of these purples?
Yarn Yard Stash