Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Secret packages and giving up

The only thing that made me get out of bed this morning was the fact that I was sure a package from my SP would be waiting for me at work. [The headache is finally gone now (touch wood) and I have been able to eat something other than toast. Always a good thing.]
There was no room for sock knitting on the train this morning, so I spent the time wondering what might be in the package. I didn't guess right at all but I certainly wasn't disappointed. Take a peek on the left and you will see (from L-R) there is a set of Sanctuary bath soak, scrub, candle and body balm. So luxurious. Some hand made stitch markers - some are little cat faces and other red stars - you can never have too many stitch markers (esp when knitting a Clapotis). Simply Noro pattern book by Jane Ellison. Brittany 4.5mm needles which are truely the most amazing needles I have ever held. I can't wait to try them. Finally a little card of the Mona Lisa knitting... very amusing. She is definately smiling :0) Thank you SP. It was a fab present.
Of course I was sold by the stripy throw on the front of the Noro book, but there are so many lovely patterns in there. I think the jumper called Earnshaw is my other favourite. Here is a little peek. I think making something from here will have to wait a little while as there are so many other projects waiting in the wings.
Talking of projects, here is the Clapotis after 6 drops. It is getting a bit unmanagable to take anywhere with me now so it will definately have to be "in front of the TV" knitting. It's going well so far and it is so gorgeous to touch. I know I am going to be tempted to buy some more of this silk at the weekend from Kerrie.

And what about the giving up? It's me. I am giving up 3 things for Lent. I'm not a religious person but years of living with Christians at uni and since have taught me that giving up something for Lent is a very good exercise in self control. There is a big debate on giving up things (esp alcohol) for Lent on the BBC Magazine today. I have decided to repeat last years effort and give up chocolate and chips. However I am adding alcohol to this list also. I don't eat a lot of chips and I don't particularly drink in excess (not anymore) but the two tend to go hand in hand. When I drink beer after work I want chips on the way home. I figure it will be easier to give up both! It is also a much needed health kick (as I do eat lots of chocolate). Wish me luck. With that in mind, I'm off to indulge in pancakes. I've never made them for one before so there are bound to be hundreds, but never mind!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth
I am glad your package arrived safely. I was a little worried about the Needles breaking. I am now thinking about your next package and of course there is the reveal of who I am:) Your SP&