Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Left Right, Right Wrong

Here are my first socks! As you experienced sock knitters out there can tell, the one on the right is a bit wrong. This was sock number one. I knew something wasn't right when I came to the toe shaping and I just didn't have enough stitches where I should. It has ended up with the shaping on the top rather than on the sides, like the second one. But really, it fits, it was my first attempt, I know where I went wrong so I don't care!

TT and I had a wonderful time in Ireland. Killarney and the surrounding area is beautiful. We were even blessed with some good weather, take a look at this photo. It could be summer not February. This is taken from Valentia Island right at the tip of the Iveragh Peninsula in Kerry. The two little islands you can see to the right of the picture are the Skellig rocks. In the summer you can take boat trips out to these; according to Lonely Planet they are "bird paradise".
There are some more photos here if you would like to take a look.

Coming home was a bit of a let down.The flooring people had made a bit of a rubbish job in places. After much complaining and everyone blaming everyone else they have come and made a decent effort at fixing the problems. I have no luck whatsoever when it comes to builders/tradesmen. So, if you are thinking of Karndean flooring, I thoroughly recommend it; just don't get All Floors in Croydon to fit it. However, I have to put it behind me. I now have flooring throughout the whole flat, and my sofa's came yesterday too (and they are every bit as good as I expected). It finally feels like a home I want to be in! Oh yes, there are more things to do but we are on the finishing straight.

What else? Oh yes, my next project. I have been working on some handwarmers in the brown ribbon twist to match my scarf/hat/bag. I have one done as they are so quick. Going to start the other on the tube today. Then it is Clapotis.... or maybe something of my own design cooked up from some very lovely aran wool I bought in Ireland from Kerry Woollen Mills.... more on that later.

Happy Valentine's Day (in a loving non-commercial type way)


Stacey said...

That's so funny. I posted an almost identical picture on my blog today except my socks are pink! Mine are the third pair I've made. Addictive aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Ruth the Socks look fine. The first Socks are always the hardest.....are you hooked yet?
Your secret Pal