Monday, February 27, 2006

Another sock

I'm feeling a bit under the weather so I will make this a quick one. For some reason my head won't stop aching, it has been doing it constantly since Saturday evening when I cried at "Million Dollar Baby". You'd think those beautiful flowers would make me better wouldn't you? A present from TT when he arrived on Friday.
He spent the weekend fitting skirting, architrive and doors and I spent it baking a belated birthday cake for him (see crumbs in flowers photo) and an extra special 60th birthday cake for his dad. The 60th cake is complete with a picture of him when about 20 in full mod gear made into icing. I haven't got a pic of it at the moment but I will have to get one. Unfortunately cake no.1 for TT's dad was a bit of a disaster (a little overcooked - and would compete well with the bread the kid throws at the ducks in "about a boy") but I have hopefully come up trumps with my good old Christmas Cake recipe. It did feel a bit wrong smelling Christmas cake cooking on Saturday morning however!
Here is a little picture of a half finished pair of commuter socks. I did cheat a bit and do about the last 3 rows last night but the rest of them were done on the train/tube. Something I am quite proud of. Certainly a good use of my time. They are made in the wool my SP sent to me using the pattern from the March edition of Simply Knitting. The heel and the bottom is knitted in twisted stocking stitch, doesn't come out too well in the photo but it does seem more sturdy than ordinary ss.
The Clapotis is coming along nicely. I have done 6 drops now. Photos tomorrow maybe. Don't think it will be ready to show Kerrie at her opening of the Hipknits shop this weekend. I am planning on visiting friends in Hertford on Friday night and then me and Kel will make the trip over there on Saturday. I'm very excited for her. She also has a pattern and an interview in the latest Simply Knitting which arrived today. I might make the Bolero for my friend N's daughters birthday at the end of March.


Anonymous said...

Ah the Socks turned out great.Keep your feet nice and toastie on the new wood floor:)
Your SP7

Kerry said...

Roo, what is an architrive? I am imagining some kind of magic bookcase. K

RooKnits said...

Not anywhere near as exciting as that. It is the bit of wood that goes around the door frame that matches the skirting board. I spelt it wrong, it is architrave... this is what Wiki says..