Friday, February 17, 2006

All set

Right, I'm all set for my treck up north... well not quite as I realised I have forgotten my toothbrush, but a quick trip to Boots on the way to the tube can sort that. I have the Clapotis; only one more increase set to go, I did some good knitting last night when Knit Club came to Mitcham again. This time we had 4 members as K came with a friend from work in tow. I also have the sock yarn my SP sent, along with the needles and also the pattern from Simply Knitting. How much do you reckon I'll get done in 8 hours (in total) on the train?
It's turned into a beautiful afternoon in London. I'll have to get a picture out of my office window as I am on the 17th floor looking out over St Pauls and the river. So much better than the London Eye! Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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Stacey said...

Have fun dearie! *waves roo off 'oop north' :D