Friday, February 03, 2006

New floor

Look look look..... I finally have some proper floor in my flat. Since the event known as "The Flood" over Christmas last year I have been living in a building site/half finished flat. However, at last I am at the stage where the end is in sight and there will be no more plywood to walk on. I am very exciting about this. It looks fab too... however now I notice more than ever what a horrid colour the front door. Another nice project I see. Hopefully when I come home from work tonight it will be all finished. (Touch wood, as I never trust tradesmen.... I have had so many bad experiences).
I think I need to go back to TK Maxx and check out their stripey doormats again. I think that is what it is definately missing :0)
On the knitting front, I managed the front of TT's birthday card last night, pictures later just in case he decides to try and find out what I have been doing with my time. Oh and I got this picture yesterday of little S in his pullover. Not the best picture as it is from a camera phone but worth sharing.
Off to Killarney tomorrow. We are staying here. I hope it will be ok. Wish me luck with the driving! (and the sock knitting). Off to print out the Clapotis pattern.

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Anonymous said...

Have a good time Ruth and drive carefully and don't knit and drive at the same time
Your SP7