Thursday, February 23, 2006

More wool than you can shake a stick at....

Even if you are a man with a stick.
I have been a bit naughty this week. With the promise of my bonus next Tuesday and an early finish I have been doing a ickle bit of shopping. Oops.
I did a little ebay shopping at the weekend, well in fact I bid on a couple of things last week never expecting to win them. However 4 balls of Noro Kureyon, two in the shade of my Booga Bag and two in shade 40 (blues, greens and brown) arrived for a song. Also from ebay were the beautiful stitch markers Stacey made. I love them. So much so, on Wednesday after work I went to investigate a shop I had heard tales of in Covent Garden. I walked their from work, as Bank station was closed and I decided I needed the exercise. I was cold and tired by the time I arrived but boy, I was not disappointed. I came out armed with beads galore and some other stitch marker making goodies.

Here are my first attempts. After that I couldn't resist a little trip to John Lewis. I was shocked to find that they actually had some stock, usually when I go it is packed with people and there are about 3 balls of wool on the shelves. Anyway, I have decided to make a version of the Wild Stripes Blanket from Knitty for my friend Cath's baby (due at the end of May). She wanted something bright, and this sure fits the bill. I have been admiring pictures of it on other blogs and have decided it is the right option.

Here are the colours I will be using. I need to plan out what colours to use where, but there is plenty of time yet.

The other thing I bought was some more Noro Kureyon for another Booga Bag. This time it is planned as a thank you present to Kate for the print of her latest artwork she is doing for me. I think these colours are perfect for her as she spent the entire weekend wearing green and/or mustard.
Work on the sock is going well. Only 2 more rows till the toe shaping. All knitted on the train/tube/bus. They are really commuter socks. Photos tomorrow maybe.
The Clapotis now has 4 dropped stitches, it was nearly 5 but I got too engrossed in E.R. tonight and had to put it down. Time for bed me thinks, my last day of 5.30am wake up calls for 5 weeks. It really hasn't been anywhere as bad as I thought it would be. Fence painting this weekend, keep your fingers crossed for better weather than we've had today. It was snowing earlier.


Alice said...

ooo, there are many bead shops in covent garden. I'd been complaining that there was just the Tower St one which is nice but doesn't change their stock much and quite expensive

then I heard tell of one hiding in Neal's Yard. AMAZING! And on my way back from it, I stumbled accross ANOTHER one, just round from Tower St, off seven dials.

I no longer allow myself trips to Covent Garden

RooKnits said...

It was the Tower street one I went to. I think I must also deny myself visits to Covent Garden now I am armed with that information!

Stacey said...

Nice stitch markers! Well done. Something else to get hooked on - lol

Out of interest, what were the prices like in the shop in covent gdn?