Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Le Clapotis

I have no idea if it should be Le or La or even if it is a noun at all. Any ideas K?
Here it is all 3 increase repeats of it so far in the yummy Hipknits silk. I am now tempted to buy some more stitch markers too after seeing these. Aren't they gorgeous. Thanks for the comment or I would never have seen your site!
Oh, and how are you liking my new sofa? Complete with my fluffy Mongolian fur cushion peeking in the background... a Christmas present from TT.
It was his birthday on Monday, unfortunately the only thing knitted was his bday card. I think I even forgot to take a photo. Oh well. One day I will think of something good to make him that he may actually wear (as long as it is not wool I will be safe). He has gone out for dinner with his parents and sister today. I am a bit sad that I am so far away that I don't get to go too; however I have had him to myself for over a week so i can't really complain. Plus we did go to "The Best Pizza Place South Of the River"TM to eat on his actual birthday. Go there. You will not be disappointed.
What else, oh yes, the wool I bought from Kerry Woollen Mills. Here it is. I bought 400g (two skeins) of cream (undyed) and 800g (4 skeins) of a gorgeous purple. The cream skeins are destined from my SP along with the wool fat soap but I am undecided on what the purple skeins are destined to become. I really want to make a tank top. However I think that I will probably make this from the alpaca I have placed with Yarnsmith. So I have to get my thinking cap on. Any ideas?
It is knit club at mine tomorrow, so maybe I'll have more photos for you. Then I'm off "ooop north" this weekend to Hebden Bridge to visit some good friends I haven't seen for far far too long; D&K. I told K about my socks today and sent her the photo, she thinks I am hilarious. It is good to be able to do something crafty as K is the most artistic person I know. Check out her fantastic works of art. Hoping to get lots of knitting done on the train, I think I might start on the socks from the wool my SP sent me with the pattern from the March Simply Knitting. I reckon the Clapotis might be a bit too big to try and transport around. Of course I am also very eager to start my next pair of socks. What is it about them?

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Stacey said...

Thanks for the link and your sofa looks ace :)