Saturday, May 27, 2006

Nature's Palette

Look what the postie woke me up with this morning...The red one is "Indian Paintbrush" and the purple is "Odd Duck 3". The red is such a bright colour, I think it will be perfect for my OneSkeinPal. I figure sending two hanks is not cheating if one makes one sock! Who cares if I bend the rules a little? They came from PureKnits. Ordered on Tuesday, arrived on Sat. What fabulous service.
Odd Duck 3 reminds me of the pictures I took of the clematis the other day. It is destined to be a pair of socks using Bry's new sock pattern! I can't wait to get started. I MUST finish the blanket first however. Only 1/2 a square to crochet (I got too tired to finish it last night) and a whole weekend of doing nothing but crafty things (and maybe some trellis painting if he sun decides to make an appearance). Hmmm socks. I never thought I would become this addicted to knitting socks.

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Bryony said...

Hoorah! I'm so glad you like it :D And thanks for the plug ;) You may not be plugging me when you knit the pattern up, but feedback is always appreciated, particularly when it is advertising :D mmmmmmmmmmmmmm yarn...