Thursday, May 11, 2006

Blanket Progress

I now have 9 squares. From the top they are (all from 200 Crochet Blocks) by Jan Eaton
1. Twin Stripes (in one colour)
2. Fretwork
3. Twin Stripes (in one colour)
4. Briar Rose
5. Twin Stripes (in one colour)
6. Double Stripes
7.Twin Stripes (Multi)
8. Candy Stripe Bobbles
9. Twin Stripes (Multi)

Not really sure where this is going at the moment. I think I might frog number 6 (as it is a little big anyway). Make some corner blocks and continue the stripes around the edge.
However I enjoy making lots of different squares. It is a hard decision!


Anonymous said...

I love your squares, I recently got that book myself and am deciding which ones to make and what colors to use :), Thank-you for the Thank-you card, i've never had a pal send me stuff back LOL

Secret Pal 8

Stacey said...

Gorgeous! I'd be too tempted to keep it - lol

Poshyarns said...

Thanks so much for contacting me about my Clapotis. What good news, I would love your 30g, I would be really grateful, I might just make it to the end with that. Please tell me what I owe you and I’ll arrange payment, would Paypal be OK? My email is

By the way, that blanket is so lovely, I love the colours you're using.


Maggie said...

Lovely colours! I can see why you enjoy making them. I guess this means you only have 27 squares to go? Keep the pics coming.