Sunday, May 28, 2006

Blocking Blanket

Here it is, all squares done. All ends sewn in. Blocked using steam from the iron... not sure how successful this blocking will be, but hopefully enough for me to start joining today. I think I will then wash it and block it again once the edging is done before I send it on.
On the sock front, I realised I don't have any 2mm needles. I went to JL in Kingston yesterday but they didn't either. We'll see how far I get with the blanket this weekend and whether I start the socks in 2.25mm circulars (which I have) or if I wait and buy some 2mm.
Tony Tiger also said I was greedy making myself another pair of socks and that he wanted some. So now it looks like I have two pairs to knit whilst on holiday. I have sent him lots of links to finished LL socks in various different colours to see what he likes best. I have some Icehouse already, but I think it might be a bit bright for him!


Bryony said...

You might be ok with 2.25 - in my experience there isn't too much difference in 1/4 sizes when it comes to socks. Give it a go and see how it is before you splash out... I think you are allowed to swatch up before the blanket is sewn up :D

Maggie said...

The blanket is lovely - can't wait to see the edging on it!