Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A challenge

Well, I did feel like the card was kind-of a mini challenge. I couldn't find the ballerina pattern. I know it is in a Jean Greenhowe book I had at uni, with a footballer in and a fireman, but I can't find it anywhere (but about 6 house moves later that is not surprising really). There were a few of ebay but I couldn't wait; so I modified another Jean Greenhowe pattern. Something I never would have ever considered when I used to make these dolls but I have now realised how easy it is! She is very cute, and had a touch of luxury as a couple of her flowers and the edge of her tutu are made from HipKnits silk. Yum. I'm going to pack her up and send her to my friend Cath, who sent me the card. Now all we have to hope is that her baby (due any day) is a girl! Otherwise it will just have to be some Billy Elliott style inspiration!
Another challenge was the Manchester 10K which everyone completed in record time at the weekend. Well done Kim, Bodge and TT. Tony has raised nearly £300 for the Aplastic Anaemia Trust. If you feel like making it a bit more you can still sponsor him here.
Other exciting knitting news is the present I got from TT. Will have to wait a couple of weeks for pictures as it is still having the finishing touches put to it. He made me a wooden needle holder which holds a brand new set of wooden Gracie needles. It is beautiful. You will all be jealous when I get some pictures.
Oh yes, there is even more exiting knitting news. I am going to knit a pair of Bryony's socks that she has designed. It took very little persuading and even fewer clicks for me to purchase some of the Nature's Palette yarn she recommends. It was even shipped today! So hopefully it will be here by the weekend. This cheered me up as I have been feeling particularly rubbish today (achy, sore throat, headachy etc you get the idea) and decided to stay in bed/my flat today rather than braving work. I am cross because I have missed two gigs I've had tickets for the last two days because I haven't felt up to going. And one of them was a birthday present. So I needed so internet-retail therapy.
I am planning to knit these socks on my next holiday, in 11 days time. I'm off to Amsterdam with TT for a week. We have blown the budget and are staying on a houseboat that has a jacuzzi! We always do super budget holidays, so this time I decided we deserved a little bit of luxury. Anyone know any good yarn shops in Amsterdam?

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Maggie said...

The ballerina is beautiful. Congrats on modifying the pattern!

Have a ton of fun in Amsterdam - A houseboat and a jacuzzi, my goodness. I shall live vicariously through your upcoming blog posts.

Congratulations all 'round. You and yours have been busy.