Thursday, May 18, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

Don't let anyone tell you Peter Crouch is training with the England team in Portugal. He was definately standing in front of me in a red tee-shirt at the Hard-Fi gig in Brixton this evening! Oh to be 1 foot taller than I am. Hard-Fi were ace. I got to jump around and pretend I am still really 19 not (eeek) 29. James and I tried to find somewhere to go out after the gig but Brixton seemed to be full of very weird people with blood dripping down their face (well actually just one person with blood but lots of odd people). Instead we did the sensible thing and caught the bus back to mine and had a cup of tea :0) Then it was past midnight so I got to open my cards. Not something I would be allowed to do if Tony was here, but he is not and I will appreciate them much more when I am awake tonight than tomorrow morning when I won't want to get out of bed.
Here they are so far...Cath sent me a knitted ballerina card and said she wished it came with a pattern.... little does she know I do actually have a pattern for this exact doll. Do you reckon I can make it and send it to her by her birthday on Monday? Would be funny if I could! I'm sure she wouldn't mind me pausing on the blanket for a day or two. Talking of which, I have a plan I am happy with. 15 squares and (another) layout. Sorry it is a bit boring seeing the same squares rearranged each day... Here is the latest attempt, The one in the centre is new. Another bobble/stripes on is going above the centre and I have one more corner to do. The others are going to be filled in with squares that match up with the corners.. which I am making up as there is not pattern for them in the book, but it is not exactly difficult as it is just trebles. I might re-do the square on the right-middle also as it seems much bigger than the rest. Off to find a ballerina pattern, and then to bed.
Hope everyone has a lovely 18th of May. Happy birthday to Jack Johnson
but not to Danny Mills because even though you were born on exactly the same day as me I don't think you a very nice player.

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Stacey said...

Happy birthday Roo! Hope you have a fab day :)