Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I wish my feet were this small...

If only I was 2 years old tomorrow, then I could be wearing these new socks. Or at least if my feet were that small it wouldn't take me so long to myself a pair (there and back to Wolverhampton in fact - plus a little bit more). However I would look very silly and probably fall over. Happy Birthday Carys! Very proud that from my basic sock pattern that I got with my sock knitting kit I managed to work out how to make them to fit a 2 year old. Maybe I have learnt something this year after all.

Or if my name was Tony Tiger, I could have a jumper like this one. The things you find on ebay! I have had this set up as a search forever... and what came up this week, not one, but two patterns (exactly the same). So my Tony Tiger can finally have something with Tony Tiger knitted on it. I just have to decide what.
I was doing some blogsurfing at lunch today and I somehow came across these little guys... how good are they? Felted hedgehogs from Fiber Trends. Now all I have to do is work out if anyone over here stocks the pattern or if I can get it mail order from somewhere. How cute? I reckon they would be great filled with bean bag beans.

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Stacey said...

How about some tony the tiger knitted pants - bet no-one else would have any of those -lol

The socks are lovely - it's a good feeling when the patterns make sense isn't it?