Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Weekend happenings

The party went and the cake was admired. The place we stayed was very much like faulty towers! I arrived to no hot water and one of those grey/blue/white 80's stripey duvets on the bed. It is a good job we can find things like that amusing. I still don't know how it is possible to make a full English breakfast quite so disgusting! Anyway, the birthday boy and the rest of the party had fun and that is what counts.
Saturday I went to Wolves vs Cardiff and was shocked by two things, (a) that we actually played well and (b) the policing of the match. I know this has nothing to do with knitting but I am outraged (still and it is Wednesday). I have never in my 15 years of watching football seen riot police inside a football ground and I hope that I never have to again. In my opinion they completely over-reacted to a minor situation. There was no need for riot police and certainly no need for them to go in smashing all and sundry with their truncheons. They were obviously up for a fight and they ended up frightening the vast majority and inciting the few mindless hooligans. Disgraceful.
On the knitting front, the other SP sock is finished. Thanks SP they look fab. I'll post pictures later. The Clapotis is so nearly finished as well. I have about 3 decrease sections to go. I was manically trying to finish it last night, I even stayed up and watched the E4 No Angels.
I have decided on knitting the baby blanket. So Wild Stripes it is. Before then I am going to make the Dolly from Jess Hutch for a little person who has a birthday coming up. I might also try and make some little person socks too. Also in the pipeline (in a stash reducing exercise) will be this Hoodie from Ysolda. Using up the Rowan Polar I bought in the sale in John Lewis last summer. I love the sleeves the best.
More later, with photos of the apple pies TT and I made at the weekend, just because they are a bit fun.

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