Sunday, April 02, 2006

New Projects

The toe of a Falling Leaves sock in Curious Yarns fairground.
Nearly a hood of the Apocalypse Hoodie in Rowan Polar Combat The Polar is something I've had in my stash since the John Lewis sale last summer. Pleased I have found a use for it now! Not sure if I am going to do the tree, but I'm definately doing the "Bench" type sleeves. Such an ingenious pattern, hopefully I can make it to fit perfectly.

The socks haven't started the best, not sure if the decreasing on the second part of the toe is right, but couldn't bear to frog it. Think it will be ok, might just need to add a few stitches in. We'll see what happens. I'm no perfectionist as you can tell.

Had a lovely weekend with friends in Fareham on the south coast playing at "The Good Life" on James' allotment. Was good fun. Can't wait until tomorrow as hopefully my last secret pal parcel should arrive at work (as it didn't make it there before I left on Friday.) Very excited, apparently it is smelly! The plot thickens.


Silvia said...

I hope you get your Parcel as well. Maybe the smell of the certain something will have gone. I did try!!

Silvia said...

I am glad you liked your Gifts:) Yes we now must 'chat' more. I have you on my Blog roll so I will pop in often ...after all I want to see what you turn the SS into!!