Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Can you really drink this stuff?

My question to all of you Americans out there is; Do you really let your children drink this stuff?
It is luminous! Reminded me a bit of Slush Puppy (I am so out of touch with the youth of today I have no idea if that still exists). The thought of drinking something so blue just seems wrong.

And look what happens when you mix them together?

This is what happens when you let Roo loose with a squirty bottle filled with dye. I just cannot resist stripes.
This is the result when removed from the microwave.
The finished object.
The colours are no where near as strong as I thought they would be. But looking at this Kool-Aid chart I think they came out about right. I had Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade, Lemonade and Watermelon Cherry which are all fairly pale. I like it, but I don't absolutely love it. I'm trying to decide whether to leave it alone or do it again. What do you reckon?

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Midsummer night's knitter said...

I'd leave it - looks pale and interesting.