Friday, March 24, 2006


A very quick post as I was meant to be out the door on my way to Olympia by now! Here is Dolly, a birthday present for C who is 2 on Wednesday. She is from Jess Hutch's pattern book.
And here are the socks that I have started for her. It was fun measuring her feet on Wednesday, she was very perplexed!. They are with my Curious Yarns sock wool, that are destined to become jaywalkers one day but I figured there would be enough left to make two tiny socks for C. New bamboo needles too, which are just a joy.
Back with my Olympia purchases (as there are sure to be some) on Sunday night!

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Bryony said...

How have you found the Curious Yarns stuff? I just ordered some last week, and am waiting for our rubbish post service to bring them to me. I'm planning on using some for a gift pair, and some for me :D Those 2 yr old sized ones are super super cute! You should definitely make some for yourself...