Sunday, March 05, 2006

HipKnits Trip

A little stash enhancement (again) this weekend when I visited the opening of Kerrie's Hipknits shop in Hertfordshire. I wanted to go and show support as she is such a fantastic person. I can't believe she fits everything in, a day job, 2 children, Magknits, HipKnits and how a shop too. Does she have one of those things (can't remember what it was called) that Hermione had in HP enabling her to make more hours in the day?
Had a lovely evening with K & M in Hertford on Friday. Sausages for tea, yum. K and I did some working out of the Drop Stitch Vest pattern in S&B Nation which she is going to make for a present and generally had a lovely chat about crafty stuff. It was good because I usually see her in a big group of people and we never get chance for the knitting chat.
Kerrie seems to be having a successful day when we popped in at about 12.30pm. She'd had people knocking on the door at 10am!
Here is what I bought:
A self-dye kit made up of Knit Picks "dye-your-own" and some Kool-Aid. I think this will be the Sunday afternoon project. Destined to be another pair of socks I think. Can't wait to start! (Have to clean the kitchen AND the bathroom first though).

Some more HipKnits silk. I simply adore the feeling of knitting with it and I couldn't resist these colours. I have a real purple and green thing going on in my head at the moment. Not sure what this is destined to be yet. We shall have to wait and see.

Some more sock yarn (because obviously I don't have enough). Again, the colours sucked me in, blues and browns and greens.

And finally a few little freebies thrown in. Fab!


Alice said...

horay for hipknits. so glad it was good, i wanted to go on saturday (for similar reasons) but had a deadline, good luck with the dying, I've been thinking of trying it myself too

Maureen said...

So jealous of your HipKnit splurge. I live far to far awy to get near the place so I just have eavesdrop on anybody else who can get close.