Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A whole year of blogging

Well well well. This post marks my 1st Blogiversary! Happy "One year of blogging" to me.
I thought I would mark it with a quick review of the year....
January - the blogging commences. I made a booga bag and started my first secret pal swap
February - A gorgeous trip to Ireland, my first sock and the start of a Clapotis
March - More socks (ickle ones this time), some scary Kool Aid Dying and a finished Clapotis
April - Falling leaves socks - still my fave
May - Toby's baby blanket and my first pair of birthday Jaywalkers
June - Knitting on a boat, entrelac and a sock that is still missing its pair
July - Tony's first knitted socks and goodbye to London
August - A new job and a month of socks - it was too hot for anything else!
September - Sockwars and the start of another baby blanket
October - 30th Birthday socks and a new baby - but the blanket wasn't finished!
November - Christmas stockings and finished blankets
December - Presents galore!

Not bad going, two blankets, a Clapotis, about 17 pairs of socks and a few other things. May the knitting continue!

On the present front, here another knitted gift I'm yet to blog about:

A tank top for baby Hattie. From Louisa Harding's Natural Knits.
Started: 28th December
Finished: 29th December
Yarn: RYC Cashsoft (in light pink) and some All seasons cotton for the trim (in Brown)
Comments - lightning fast, but then there aren't any arms to knit! I decided to crochet around the arms to make them go a bit frilly which kind of worked. She looked very cute in it, must get the pictures from her parents!

I haven't had much luck with things I have started this year. I started some mittens in the Angora my SP sent me, but the ribbing doesn't pull in enough... so I think I will have to substitute the yarn for something else. The pattern I have is for sock yarn.... so maybe I should use some of my massive stash! I also started Lucinda Guy's Big Digger jumper for Sam who will be two next week. I'm using the Jaeger Aqua cotton left over from Hattie's blanket, and it just seems wrong for a jumper. I also started the sock pattern in the first edition of Yarn Forward magazine. It's a lace pattern, with only two rows and I have already made a mistake and I've only done two rows. Oooops. Maybe things will get better at the weekend! I hope so.

Oh and the organisers and I have finally given up on my Sockret Pal (the girl who I am sending to - not my fab pal)... so I have a new person to buy presents and knit socks for. YIPEEEEEEEEE

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