Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Do you like my new socks?

It has taken me long enough to make them! I started (and finished) number 1 on holiday in Amsterdam in June - after pestering Bry for the pattern to take on holiday with me. For some I didn't start number 2 straight away... in fact it took me until 30th December to start number 2. This has been my commuter knitting since the start of the New Year and it was finished yesterday. I LOVE them. I can't believe I waited this long to finish them, they are amazingly comfortable.
Pattern: Fair Isle Free Argyle Socks by Bryony.
Yarn: Nature's Palette in Odd Duck 3 (love it)
Started: June 2006
Finished: 15th Jan 2007 (the shame)
Comments: Great pattern, they looked 100 times better after blocking! Perfect fit, I love them.
Now for my surprise parcel from my Secret Pal..... look what gorgeous things arrived today... TWO skeins of Koigu in THE most perfect colour (more below), some yummy jelly beans and a fab fish bath fizzle. I'd better get my ball winder out!

Now SP - you have to tell me who you are!
In other news, I started squares for a baby blanket after deciding the alphabet blanket was too hard to try and do whilst watching the TV. I will complete it one day, but it will not be in the next 4 weeks! I have two pairs of (men's) socks to knit by the middle of Feb too. Might go and cast on for one tonight. Has anyone knitted socks with Rowan 4ply soft? I bought some the other day but I'm now worried they might get holes in really quickly....


Bryony said...

Yay! Well done you for finally finishing them ;D I didn't like to say anything, but, you know... :D

And you are a v lucky girl with all the goodies you've got.

As for 4 ply soft - I'm making a jumper at the mo, and I'm surprised at how stiff it is coming out. I've not worked on it for a couple of weeks, so maybe I'll have a play and see how it feels again, but it feels pretty sturdy.

felinity said...

Hurrah, glad you like your final parcel! Glad I got it right with the Koigu colour too.

Hello, I no longer need to be anonymous. I've been your Secret Pal and my blog is here. Thank you for being such a lovely appreciative spoilee.

Also, the socks are fab, and like the new lay-out too!

Lizzy said...

I wish I could manage to finish some of the socks that are lurking in my UFO pile. Yours look great.
I really love the Fetching gloves - the yarn looks amazing.