Thursday, January 18, 2007

In my magic bag....

I'm at home with a cold/sore throat/headache/general feeling rubbishness and only the snooker to keep me company. So I decided to tidy out my knitting basket yesterday, as it was taking over the entire living room. As if by magic, Mary over at "The Wool Palace" asked "What is in your knitting basket?" so I have duly obliged....
Convertible mittens, in Hipknits sockweight Cashmere that Kerrie custom dyed for me just before Christmas. I've nearly finished the thumb shaping on the first one. It makes a change from socks!
Squares for my third Baby Blanket from 200 Crochet Blocks. They have even had the ends sewn in and been blocked! I'm sure I won't be quite so organised with the remaining 31! The colours are a bit 70's, but I kind of like it that way! Baby is due on 15th Feb, so I think I'm on track with this one. I think I might even like them more than the alphabet blanket. They look just as complicated, but really aren't at all. Another crochet square, this time in Noro Kureyon, for a swap bot exchange that sounded like fun. Is this crazy enough to be a crazy afghan square?

A jacket I started for baby Hattie before Christmas. I realised it would be too big for a Christmas present, but I should finish it and send it before she gets too big. It is going to be the jacket in blue on the front of this book. I am worried however I won't have enough wool, I guess if the arms need to be a slightly different shade it shouldn't matter too much!
I love the stitch pattern, do you think it would make good socks?
Next up is Cashmere/merino sock yarn in Highland Mist from the lovely Dee at Posh Yarn. These are for Tony's Birthday socks. I think I'm going do try out a pattern from Nancy Bush's Vintage Knitted Socks, which I bought for myself as a Christmas Present. I think it will be the Gentleman's Fancy SockAnd lastly, some 4 ply soft in vaguely Crystal Palace colours for a 30th Birthday present for my friend James. It will be either (a) socks - if I decide it is hard wearing enough (b) a tie - as James always jokes that he wants a knitted tie.


kerry said...

I really love the colours of those squares. They look fab. I hope you are feeling better Roo.

wendy said...


I am doing the Crazy Afghan Squares swap as well! I spent the weekend teaching myself to crochet and am very envious of your squares, they are lovely and I think the colours are fab.

kerrie said...

its nice to see how the custom yarn knits up, have you tried the other yet? Those crochet blocks look lovely, I must get the hang of following proper crochet patterns sometime soon