Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Magic Mittens, Posh Socks and No Snow

I woke up disappointed this morning. There was no snow in Wolverhampton. I thought now I'd moved back up to the Midlands I might see some snow in winter. I love the snow. It seems I should have stayed in London to see snow. Alice , Kerrie, Wendy, Gemma and the Purly Queen all had snow. There was even snow in Streatham which is within spitting distance of (soon not to be) my flat. I had to make do with these fab pictures from the Beeb and some sleet in Birmingham at lunchtime!
Perhaps it is good that we didn't get any snow, as only one of my Magic Mittens is finished. Isn't it fab? It is so soft. I love the stripes on the thumb - excellent dying Kerrie!
But where is the magic?

Makes me smile every time :0) Now I just need to finish the other one and buy some buttons before the cashmere yarn I bought from Dee arrives to make some more Fetching handwarmers!
Now onto the posh socks. Here is the progress on the commuter knitting for the week. Not bad seeing as it is only Wednesday and it's been too cold to knit on the bus. Lichen Socks from Vintage Knitted socks (really a 3x1 rib) in Posh Yarn Lucia in Highland Mist, for Tony's birthday.

Right, off to sneak in another crocheted square before bed.


Flossie said...

Roo, I love the convertable mittens. Where is the pattern from? I might to knit some for myself from the cashmere you sent me :o)

Alice x

kerrie said...

Oh they look lovely - the mittens are great!

Victoria said...

Hello Roo,
I think you are a talented knitter. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the things that you are making (whats with us knitters that love to know what others are doing? lol) Anyway, I came across your post with pictures of an entrelac bag where the bottom was in garter stitch....I have been searching EVERYWHERE for a pattern where the entrelac bag will have a garter stitch bottom...can you tell me where you found the pattern...
this is the post I am referring too,
I would appreciate any help you can give me to find a pattern like this...I want to make an entrelac bag but I don't want the bottom of the bag to be rounded or pointy and I want to be able to shape the bag (after felting) to a rectangular/square shape. Thank you.