Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Knits

Hello. I hope you all had a good one. I thought I would share with you a few festive photos.
The Tree - note the knitted angel at the top - made about 4 years ago. The cake, finally decorated. How we are going to eat this much Christmas Cake I don't know. And finally some presents:

Started: End of Nov
Finished: Mid Dec
Yarn: Rowan RYC Cashsoft DK in 501 (Sweet) and 516 (Sage)
Comments: I absolutely loved making this, and I hope Carys enjoys wearing it as much. I reckon it is my favourite knit so far! I found some cool jeans with pink and green flowers on to match. The wool is gorgeous to knit with, the pattern is ridiculously easy, but it looks really cool. Unfortunately the picture doesn't really show the stitch pattern too well - the link above shows it a little better.
I gave in, and made some scarves for my friends. I think scarves are a bit of a cop-out present, but they seem to be enjoyed. Here is Lauren's, in GGH Nevada

Finally for today I will let you peak at one of the final Chrismas presents, it should be with the recepient tomorrow.
Pattern: Kai Sweater from Louisa Harding's Natural Knits for Babies and Mum's
24th December
Finished: 27th December
Yarn: GGH Samoa in a lime green colour (from the Get Knitted summer sale) - 3 balls.
Comments: Another favourite I think. I love the colour, and it is a bonus that it is something NOT BLUE for a boy. It might be a little bit big for Toby, but I made the 12 month size as he is quite big for just over 6 months. I did make the sleeves a little shorter than in the pattern, as I always find sleeves ridiculously long on babies clothes. This was so quick to make - that's the aran weight cotton I guess. After all of the socks, it seemed like a miracle it was finished so quickly!
I need to take a picture of Tony's finished Christmas socks... they are in the wash at the moment. I also have one last Christmas Knit to finish - the cardigan from the front of the EMU baby book here in the same RYC Cashsoft as the Cosy Tank Top above.

Then it is on to more projects. Here are the items on the knitting agenda, a bit ridicuous I think
1. I want to make some fingerless gloves that turn into mittens from the angora my SP sent me.
2. Finish off the odd Fair Isle Free sock
3. 30th Birthday present for Suzie (Bday 14th Jan) - not socks, maybe a cop-out scarf! Or maybe some DK socks, which will be superfast!
4. Jumper for Sam, who will be 2 on 10th Jan
5. 30th Birthday socks for James (15th February) - in Crystal Palace colours.
6. Clapotis in the burnt orange silk Kerrie dyed for my mum's birthday (10th Feb)
7. (And most important) - baby blanket for Carys' new baby brother or sister. Due 15th February. I am having a hard time deciding between the Debbie Bliss Alphabet Blanket and the Roost Blanket from the Lucinda Guy "And so to Bed" Book.

Or just making another blanket from crochet squares. What do you think?

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J said...

I think there are both really lovely but I love the idea of cosiness and education all wrapped up in one, so I'd plump for the alphabet blanket. It looks softer and lighter as well, but I guess that all depends on your wool choice!
And then there's the nursery theme. H is doing K's new nursery all pink and fairies and butterflies and L is doing a jungle theme for her bump. They couldn't be more different!
I guess the alphabet blanket would also be fabulous if you knew the name of the reciprient as you could just make their letters repeatedly all over it.
Happy knitting!