Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Is it snowing yet??????

Tonight I have been mostly looking out of the window to see if the snow has started yet. It hasn't, but I am hopeful. I must remember to charge the camera batteries. Instead you will have to make do with:
(A) yummy yarn treats I decided I couldn't live without Socks that Rock. The colours are Farmyard and Nodding Violet. Tony decided he liked the nodding violet... so his birthday socks are now being made from this instead of the Posh yarn. It is truely amazing yarn to knit with. I am worried I will never want to knit socks with anything else. The finished sock in Posh Yarn is now MINE! - but will it ever get to be a pair?
(B) blankets in progress
12.5 down - half way there. For once I don't mind about the lack of symmetry. I am enjoying making all of the different squares. No baby news yet, so hopefully I'll be able to finish the rest of the squares on my hols next week
Along with the other cashmere convertible mitten, Tony's Socks and the other Posh Sock!


Lizzy said...

Love those mittens! I'm also so impressed with your crochet baby blankets - they are just beautiful. Your choice of colours is amazing.

wendy said...

Hi there! I imagine you have snow? We certainly have here and it's still coming down - I am planning a crochet baby blanket myself for a friend who is expecting. I want something contemporary and I know you mentioned a book a while ago - any suggestions (bearing in mind I only taught myself to crochet about a month ago!!!)
Socks that Rock looks fantastic and I know you'll love knitting with it