Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What I did at Easter

It feels like the first day back at school when you have to write about what you did in the holidays! Well Tony Tiger and I went to Brighton for the day on Sunday (along with the rest of London). Here is a photo to prove it! I even took the Clapotis. Made even better by the fact I could have a chocolate ice cream. Hmmm chocolate after 40 days without. Yum.

We have also been busy wth the DIY and fence painting, but who wants to see a picture of a newly painted fence? Much more interesting is my new hoodie. Sorry for the very dirty tee-shirt and large expanse of flesh. The left arm is nearly done (I have changed to the contrast colour at the cuff. I also omitted the tree as per the pattern but added a contrast colour border at the bottom. I think I might add some crochet edging to the hood and down the front in the cc too. It does really fit, all that stocking stitch just keeps curling. I love the fact I have been able to try this on as I go to make sure it does really fit. One arm and a zip to go.

I have also purchased 200 crochet blocks and have managed one from the book so far. I have decided that a selection of these are going to make up the baby blanket for C. Here is Briar Rose in all its unblocked splendour.

And here is the vary garish plan for it.


Stacey said...

Wow - you're a woman of many talents! The hoody looks great, you've got more patience than me. And I love your tee shirt :)

Bryony said...

MIFFY!!! Yay :D Miffy rocks. Did you know there is an exhibition on in Manchester of Miffy artwork and stuff? With souvenirs? Ooooh you so need to go :D

Hoody looks good too :D - you should make one with a Miffy motif on the back!

Maggie said...

The seagull in flight caught in your holiday photo looks so cool. Can't wait to see the hoodie finished. Very nice use of the contrast colour along the edge.