Wednesday, April 12, 2006

One down....

And one to go. Here is the first Falling Leaves sock in Curious Yarns sock wool (Fairground).
I think the stripes kind of take away from the leaf pattern, but never mind. Also I cast off too tight too so I need to see if I can rectify that now.
Kerry and I went to the South London Knitters meeting at the Bread and Roses last night. Was quite good, think we may venture there again.
The hoodie is coming on; however I have got to the boring middle section now which is just rows and rows of stocking stitch. Yawn. Good TV knitting however.
OOOh and I had an exciting parcel from America on Tuesday. It contained the Hedgehog pattern. Yipee. I am very tempted to try and make one this instant. Karen at TwoSwansYarns is seriously the best person I have ever bought something off over the Internet. Go and buy something yummy from her. The parcel also contained 4 skeins of something delightful. But it is a secret so you'll have to wait a little while to find out what.
I'm having more thoughts about the baby blanket again. Back onto crochet. This time granny squares. Hmmm.

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