Thursday, April 27, 2006

Panic Over

Here is how the hoodie looks today now it is dry. Just a little bit longer, which I actually quite like. The arms are still a little long.But look how massive the hood is. Not really sure what to do about this. Might give it a whirl in the tumble dryer on Saturday at TT's house before I sew the zip in.

Whilst that has been blocking I have been making birthday cards. How come I find crochet a lot more adaptable than knitting? Some made up flowers for you. Thinking about it I could have made these brooches as well. Maybe next time. I hate the price of cards in the shops so I am really happy I can now make them. All need to think of are more ideas. Not everyone can have flowers or numbers. Right, off to get annoyed with iTunes again before heading to bed. It is too late to be blogging.


Maggie said...

Beautiful cards!

minka said...

fantastic cards!