Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Blocking disaster?

I'm not sure at the moment. I finished the hoodie last night. The edges were curlng so much I decided to wet block it. I've never done this before.... I consulted SnB. Washed it, rinsed it. Wrung it out in a towel as it said. Laid it out on another towel. Made sure it was the right shape but it seems a hundred times bigger than it should be. I measured it, it is a little bigger but not loads. It just looks massive on the floor. I tried it on, it is still damp, and it ended up aound my knees! I think it just stretched because it it is still wet. So I put it back carefully and tried to make it smaller again. Who knows if that will work! If not there is always the tumble drier at Tony's house this weekend. It fit so well before I put it in the sink. Grrrrr.

1 comment:

Silvia said...

It does look okay. Is it not wearable as a 'long' Jacket? Or does it realy look terrible?