Monday, March 29, 2010

Progress - or lack of

Progress has been a little slow around these parts.
After consultation with my friend I finally decided to knit Roo for Carys for her birthday (which is today). I bought some gorgeous raspberry Dream in Color from Pure Purl - a new-to-me online shop. Superfast delivery and beautifully wrapped yarn.
However I started off knitting the wrong size and had to rip out about 1/4 of the back - grrrr - so I have nothing but a garter stitch edge to show you on that one - and no hope of finishing it before we visit this weekend. Never mind!
There has been progress on the Rainbow Wooleater blanket.
Rainbow Wooleater
More cream yarn has arrived and also a ball of a much more co-ordinating blue for the next coloured round. Each 2 row round takes nearly 1 full 50g ball of DB Baby Cashmerino - maybe I will be keeping this blanket for me after all!

Finally, a sneak peak of the new Knit Love Club yarn that arrived last week - I am resisting the urge to cast on until progress on Roo is a little further along.

I have also managed to get my hands on some Macushla from the Yarn Yard - beautifully soft - I really want to make a Bitterroot shawl with this.


Roobeedoo said...

Oh dear - sorry about Roo, Roo! But your Wooleater (well-named I see!) is looking fabulous!

Linda said...

That blanket is going to be gorgeous, I was wondering how much yarn a round would take!

Jelly Wares said...

Your version of the wool eater blanket is just gorgeous!!! Thanks for the inspiration to start one of my own..

Hugs - Jodie :)

Renee van Baar said...

Hello, I was just on the Laughing Hens forum to look for a Wolves based knit club - I appreciate the posts about setting one up were from 3 years ago so was just wondering if anything is going on that you know of? Thanks! Renee