Friday, March 26, 2010

Knit Love Club - Part 1 - Rumpled

My only resolution of 2010 is to try and keep up with the Knit Love Club - a sock club organised by Alice of Socktopus fame.
Now this may be tricky come the summer when I have my hands full with a small baby - but I am hoping that I can complete the January, March and May parcels before the next one arrives.
That said, parcel one was finished just in time, as parcel 2 arrived on Wednesday.
Pattern: Rumpled by Alice Yu
Yarn: Alchemy Juniper in the Rumplestiltskin colourway
Needles: 2.5mm
Started: 24th January
Finished: 15th March
These were my commuting project for the last couple of months and were good for getting me back into sock knitting. I love the colour - perfect for a Wolves fan - at last a pair of gold socks.
Knit from the top down with a heel flap they were well within my comfort zone. The pattern was very easy to follow and I had it memorised by the second sock. Beautiful twisted stitches and an interesting twisted stitch toe.
The yarn was a little splitty to start with, but as soon as I worked out a slightly different way to do the s4k decreases it made things much easier. I slipped all 4 stitches knit wise, knitting the last two slipped stitches (like you would an SSK) and then slipped the other two stitches over the SSK. The opposite of what Alice adviced for the k4 tog.
So now it is time to wind the yarn for part 2 - a far more scary prospect that seems to involve taking scissors to my sock. Eeeek.


tea and cake said...

Fabulous! I am only half way through my first Rumpled sock, as we had our baby born - though he was our grandson! Once he has a few cardis and hats done, I can return. And, yes the second one is v.v. scary! Good luck.

Linda said...

They are beuatiful socks. I am sure you could squeeze in a row or two a day when baby arrives!

Roobeedoo said...

Well done Roo! I haven't even cast on for Rumpled yet and I know the second parcel is going to be knitted up before the first - wowow it is going to be a challenge!