Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Blankets - the latest obsession

I'm blaming Katie. It started off with her posting this innocent link on Ravelry. Which led me to these instructions.
I tried to ignore it. I tried to forget it. However when I saw Katie making those circle-squares in York I knew I would succumb.

The first effort, in Araucania Toconao, a merino yarn I bought at Skip North last year.
This is an aran weight yarn, which means it crochets up very fast and made a sizable lap blanket in no time. However, it isn't really a baby blanket. Too many holes and a little heavy.
I've just got the ends to sew in and then I need to give it a good blocking.

With the above in mind, I switched to sock yarn and a 2.5mm hook.
Purple Wooleater
However the variegated yarn just gets lost and you can't see the circles. I think this one is going to the frog pond; to be turned into barnraising squares for a very purple knitted blanket.

Onto the next option, the faithful Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. I still have a decent colour palette of this left over from previous blankets. So I'm going for a big square in a rainbow of colours (from red through to violet) with the cream in between each round. (Inspiration taken from this blanket on Ravelry.)
Rainbow Wooleater
The first 5 rounds are complete and I think it is working so far. I think this one might be a keeper!


Linda said...

Thats so pretty! Love the colours in the last picture.


Roobeedoo said...

Interesting how different the same pattern looks in different yarns. I see what you mean about the big holes in the aran weight. You wouldn't want baby fingers getting caught up in them. I like the purples best though!