Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Secret Wedding Knitting

Whilst preparing for the wedding I was also knitting secret presents for my two bridesmaids. Both of them read my blog, so I knew I had to keep the presents under wraps until after they had been gifted. One of them is also a Ravelry member, but luckily didn't realise the present was for her.

I managed to snaffle some Posh Yarn one Sunday in April.
Posh 4ply Laura (a Cashmere and Merino mix) in "Puck" seemed perfect for Kerry - she had a green dress is almost exactly the same colour for her sisters' wedding at the end of last year.
I already knew I wanted to make another Ishbel, and this seemed the perfect pattern for a present. I knit it mostly on my commute to work, alternating it with a pair of socks. I did however manage to leave my copy of "Whimsical Little Knits" on the train one day - grr - at least I have the pdf version as well.

I knit the smaller stocking stitch section, but did an extra repeat of the lace charts.. however this meant I didn't have quite enough yarn to finish the edging, I ended up casting off about 3 rows early... but it doesn't really matter that much!
It is big enough to be a proper shawl, but hopefully also small enough to be worn as a scarf too.

Once present number 1 was made I had real deliberations over what to make for Lauren... eventually I decided I really should make the same thing for her too. Then Sally challenged me to knit a shawl in a week - so I didn't get bored with knitting the same pattern for the third time - and so I was finished in enough time before the wedding (otherwise I could see myself sewing in ends on the morning of the wedding!!) I wound the Posh Yarn Daisy 4 ply (Bamboo and merino) in Shanghai colourway and started knitting on 16th June. I knew I would only be able to manage the shoulderette version of the shawl within the week - but thought this would be more wearable as a scarf for Lauren in Vancouver.
Shanghai Ishbel
I cast off 6 days later on the 22nd June and blocked the next day.
This bring the total number of Ishbel's knitted this year to 3 so far... an addictive and easy shawl project.


clarabelle said...

What a star! Fantastic gifts for your bridesmaids, Roo - they must have been thrilled. X

Flossie said...

And they are all beautiful. Such lovely presents for your bridesmaids. I have made one Ishbel, but bought an incredible skein of yarn at Stash last weekend that is destined to become another.

Anna said...

Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!

Dawn said...

They're lovely! You can't tell that you had to cast off earlier. I can't decide which I like best ...

Anonymous said...

We love our shawls! I'm wearing mine to work today X

Roobeedoo said...

So lovely! I can't decide which colour I like best.

Anonymous said...

They are even more beautiful in real life and the colours were perfect for each of us (and the beauty is that when I come back we can do swops depending on our outfits... well, when we are in the same town for a weekend anyway!). Lolxx