Wednesday, July 22, 2009


My friend Joy designed a pair of socks after attending a Cookie A workshop at Socktopus back in April. I agreed to test knit them for her - I have finally finished the pair and can show them off in all of their purple glory.

Natalie at The Yarn Yard dyed some of her Toddy yarn in a Dairy Milk colour for me and I set to work.
They are knit from the top down, look how brilliantly the cuff pattern flows into the leg stitches.
These are a really simple knit - a ribbed pattern with a cable every 12 rows. Hopsox
They look much much more difficult than they are and they fit like a dream.
Joy has very kindly offered the pattern as a free download for p/hop. It is available HERE - what are you waiting for?


Kate said...

You can't beat purple socks. :-D Or purple anything..!

Roobeedoo said...

mmmm - purple! And yes - that cuff looks fab.

Aknita said...

Ruth, they are lovely Hopsox, I'm so pleased you like them :-)

Thank you for testing the pattern for me. I like your shorter legs and the slipped stitch heel, and I love the subtleties of the yarn too.

Esther said...

what a clever thing your friend is!