Thursday, July 02, 2009

Gauge- what's that?

You would think I had been knitting long enough by now to realise when things are too big.
February Baby Sweater
I started this (February) Baby Sweater on two needles by Elizabeth Zimmerman whilst watching Blur at Glastonbury on Sunday evening. I was obviously concentrating more on the music than the knitting, because it is massive!
In fact it measures about 12 inches across - which means it is likely to fit a 5 year old rather than the 5 week old it was intended for!
However, all is not lost, despite the fact I have run out of yarn (my own handspun Shetland). I found some undyed aran in my stash last night and have edged the bottom of the cardigan with that. I hope to edge the sleeves in the same way and make this into a(nother) present for small bridesmaid. She might find it too itchy - as the shetland is quite "woolly" but I still feel quite pleased with the way my handspun has knitted up... it's all about the process here at the moment!
Meanwhile, I went back to the drawing board with regards to presents for the recent newborns. I've falled in love with Lucille and I've got more than enough Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino left over from blankets to make a few different Playful Stripes.
My Socktopus sock club parcel arrived on Monday and I'm really looking forward to making the next socks - a favourite designer and my new favourite sock yarn. I think they might be honeymoon socks - well I do have 5 hours on the train to Bruges to fill!


Anonymous said...

How nice to be able to write 'my own handspun Shetland'...! It looks so beautiful knitted up as well.

Looking forward to seeing your Socktopus socks too.

Roobeedoo said...

Very impressed by your handspun!
Ooh - that Lucille pattern is very cute - may have to knit it for next door's baby! And yes of course you will need honeymoon knitting - socks for the new husband?

Dawn said...

I've already cast on my socktopus socks! Best yarn/pattern combination, imo, so far. I used a turkish cast, I find it the easiest and least fiddly. Love the colour!
Lucille is gorgeous, I can't decide if it's the cardigan or the baby!

Helen said...

Actually, that sounds about the right size for a cardigan for a 1yo...and you wouldn't really want to dress a newborn in wool in this weather, surely?

It's absolutely gorgeous, btw, and I hope she grows into it as fast as she possibly can.

Flossie said...

How about a jumper for your husband :o)

I love the playful stripes pattern, I hadn't seen it before. I think I might make Meg one for Winter, I've got bits of baby cashmerino left over from other projects as well.

Linda said...

It is beautiful handspun and in such nice colours.

picperfic said...

oh but it is so very pretty Ruth