Friday, February 06, 2009

UK Winter Warmers Swap parcel

There is still very little knitting or crochet to show around here. However my shoulder is much better and I have started crocheting again. I've been trying to keep away from the computer in the evenings too, hence the lack of blogging! This post is quite belated as these beautiful purple presents arrived in the post last week from Vickie my UK Swap pal.
Winter Warmers parcel
In the previous round of UK swap I sent a parcel to Vickie, it must have been ok, because look at all of the wonderful things she me for my "Winter Warmers" themed parcel.
Winter Warmers parcel
I was in the "handmade item" group and Vickie made me a wonderful cowl, specifically to match my Meret, which it does, perfectly. It fits under my coat and has kept me toasty and warm in the snow this week. It's like having a polo-neck jumper that you can take off when you get indoors - why have I never worn one of these before?
I also got some knitpicks harmony DPNs, some DB Cashmerino Aran in a wonderful purple colour (I may make another cowl from this), some iced gems (the perfect Weight Watcher snack - only 1.5 points a bag) , some yummy options hot chocolate, wedding balloons (I must put these in a safe place and remember them in July) and finally a fabulous Good Housekeeping vintage knitting/stitch pattern book. Thank you Vickie for such a fabulous parcel.

In other non-knitting news, we finally got planning permission for the "new house". Tony started tearing down ceilings last weekend - apparently on a fact finding mission - he has been itching to start since the planners said yes! He found a cavity wall (not expected), some steel RSJ's )(thank goodness we were worried they might be wood) and quite a few nasty looking wasps nests. Yuck.
Lounge Extension
I forsee many weekends spent pulling down ceilings and removing plaster from walls in the near future.
P.s. I did buy the wedding dress. 5 months and 5 days to go :0)


Kate said...

Nice goodies. :-) I haven't had iced gems in ages!

tea and cake said...

Hurrah for the wedding dress purchase!

HeyYeah said...

Your house looks fab - what beautiful windows!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous windows, look forward to seeing progress.

picperfic said...

I love your window! Glad you decided to buy your dress, bet it feels good to get that bit done....and what a lovely package you got!