Monday, February 09, 2009

The demolition begins

We started on the kitchen this weekend. Here is the only "before" photo I can find. 8_Woodhall 003
The photo is taken from the entrance to the kitchen. The wall on the right is clad in stained shiplap, to the left of the picture is the old boiler.
The part past the wooden shelves is an old 1980's extension which is falling away from the 1960's extension in the lounge. So, the back wall of the extension is coming down, to be replace with sliding doors across the whole of the back of the house. The kitchen will be a kitchen diner, in a L shape - what you can see in this picture, and then across the back of the house.
On the right hand wall in the above photo we want to put in a pantry, so imagine our surprise when the removal of the shiplap revealed this:
Kitchen 080209 001
Some original 1930's tiles, and a doorway - exactly where we want the pantry door. This was obviously an original pantry - it was been turned into the downstairs bathroom when the house was converted into two flats.
I got to work with my crowbar
Kitchen 080209 010
And now we have a door to our pantry!
Kitchen 080209 013
We also took out the ceiling of the kitchen extension - and found yet more wasps nests.
Kitchen 080209 018
All the kitchen units and the boiler are gone too.
Kitchen 080209
A good weekends work - I have realised that you have too keep working to keep warm, especially when there is a blizzard outside.


Kate said...

You know, I really love that photo of the knocked out pantry doorway with the view of the loo. Just a good thing no one was on there at the time. ;-)

HeyYeah said...

Your 'before' kitchen cabinets are the same as those in my childhood home in the 70's!

It must have been satifying to discover the lost pantry door. It looks like the house deserves some love and attention & I'm sure it'll be beautifuk when you've finished.

Esther said...

hahaha! I know that feeling all too well! Ours was finished on Friday - after 4 loooong weeks!

Dawn said...

argh, looks like you have loads and loads of work ahead of you, and the weather isn't as dry and warm as it could be? What are you doing for food? takeaways and microwave?

No knitting for you for a while! I hope you have a way of insulating the rest of the house!

Roobeedoo said...

Peeling back the layers! Don't give yourself sledgehammer elbow will you?!

Ice Princess said...

Be careful with that sledge hammer

Also I request your presence at my blog!!! Please take a look.

Maggie said...

I love those tiles! I don't suppose you can still use them in the renovation?
I look forward to more progress pics; you are sure working hard.